Koinly – Do Your Crypto Taxes In 20 Minutes!

Let’s face it, taxes are annoying. Even more annoying is having to spend days entering transactions into a spreadsheet and learning the ins and outs of tax reporting. If you value your time then you’ll probably want to automate as much of that as possible with a crypto tax solution.

Koinly helps people resident in over twenty countries automate those tax calculations and reduce them for the next tax year. Even better, you can get that tax report to file in just 20 minutes – way better than spending days punching your computer monitor.

Do your crypto taxes lightening fast
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How to get going?

If you are a professional accountant or don’t place much value on your time, then you won’t need a crypto tax solution. However, if you want to join the legion of people who file their taxes the simple way, then you’ll need to create a Koinly account.

1. 1. Sign Up To Koinly
Enter your name, email and password into the sign up form.
2. 2. Import Your Trades
Add your exchange accounts via API or CSV files and connect your wallets using your public address.
3. 3. Get Your Tax Document
Preview your capital gains and profit/loss for the year. Then just download the correct tax report for you and you are all set to make that tax filing and get it out of the way til next year!