10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

Last updated: Jan 24, 2024
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It’s been more than three years since the last Bitcoin halving supercharged the markets and it’s safe to say that a lot has happened since then. The 2021 bull market saw the crypto space grow exponentially, with hundreds of billions of dollars pouring in. Prices went crazy, people got rich, and then the 2022 bear market took it all away. People not only lost interest but fortunes as well. Many crypto news sources have packed it in and called it quits with many YouTubers following suit.

However, the fact that you are still here shows that you haven't lost interest, which is why we decided to bring you this article on the 10 best crypto YouTube channels to watch in 2024. If you are looking to broaden your scope away from just crypto content, we also have an article on the Top Finance YouTubers.

While virtually every coin or token has blazed past its previous all-time high in 2021, many have now fallen to lows not seen since the last bear market in 2017. The Merge was a great moment for the crypto world, making ETH a deflationary token for the first time since its inception, leaving the other alt-ETH chains scrambling to make themselves more relevant, especially as Layer-2s gained huge followings. XRP is still duking it out with the SEC, making this drama feel comparable to that longest-running play on West End “The Mousetrap.” And Dogecoin has… don’t get us started on Dogecoin.

All this has led to public interest in crypto growing as we saw NFTs make an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and Elon Musk perform a skit on his beloved Doge. More people are waking up to the realities of the financial revolution that is underway. Retail investors are piling in and, while many are content to stick their money on the first altcoin that they come across, many more are eager to learn as much as they can about this new asset class, which is likely what brought you here today.


There are, after all, over 9,000 cryptocurrency projects to choose from and the list is growing all the time. Many are 💩 coins, destined to serve no purpose other than to (perhaps) make a few people a lot of easy money at the expense of others. But there are plenty of projects out there with real use cases and genuinely cutting-edge tech behind them, which could shape the future of finance for decades to come. There’s so much to learn and so many opportunities to try and spot. Many of the crypto YouTube channels on this list can help you make heads and tails of the markets and provide great starting points for your research.

best crypto YouTube channels
Just some of the 9,000+ Coins and Tokens Available. Image via Shutterstock 

If there is one place where almost everyone goes to level up their crypto knowledge, it’s YouTube. Here at the Coin Bureau, we bring you some of the highest quality crypto content available, but we are not alone in fighting this good fight to bring you the highest quality crypto education possible. Before we crack into the Top Crypto YouTube Channels in 2024, I think it is helpful to provide some background context.

What Makes a Good Crypto YouTube Channel?

Sadly, while there’s a heck of a lot of quality crypto content uploaded to the Tube on a daily basis, a load of junk also gets posted. This substandard content can take various forms: it can be ill-informed or biased, or it can be poorly conceived and produced. Much of it is clickbait, designed to lure you in with some dramatic tagline and then show you adverts for stuff you have no interest in. A crude, but effective way of making a few bucks.

But perhaps the most pervasive kind of crap crypto content is the shill: videos written, produced, and promoted with the sole intention of pumping a coin or token’s price so that the creator of the video can sell the spike and clean up. Shills are everywhere and many of them are making serious bank off the backs of their subscribers.

Clickbait button on keyboard
Handy shortcut key. Image via Shutterstock

With a bit of practice, shills can get easier to spot. If the video title contains phrases like "make you rich", or, "why [insert project name here] will 1000x", then alarm bells should start ringing. Often they’ll make outlandish price predictions to lure viewers – predictions that are in no way grounded in reality. Many are little more than echo chambers telling viewers what they want to hear while imparting knowledge that even the most cursory Google search could turn up in seconds.

These shills may be pretty shameless, but many of them still attract large numbers of subscribers. After all, many would much rather watch a video that tells them they’re going to be rich than one which gives them some in-depth, properly researched information about a particular project, or one of the many facets of the crypto space in general. “Who cares what this platform is trying to do, or what consensus mechanism its blockchain uses? Can I buy the token and make a 10x overnight?”

There is a heck of a lot of quality crypto content waiting for you on YouTube, but the shills, scammers, and general amateurs mean you have to be discerning about whom to follow if you want to genuinely get to grips with crypto. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to the best crypto YouTubers out there. In this age of misinformation, being able to sift out the wheat from the chaff is an important skill. One of the best ways to do this is to keep abreast of news and happenings from quality crypto channels.

Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

These are some of the channels that you can trust to bring you information that has been carefully researched and thoughtfully put together. The folks featured below are the ones dedicated to bringing you the best knowledge available and doing so with a professional, fact-based approach.

There are no semi-stoned teenagers yelling into their webcams here. No hyperactive moonboys pumping the tokens they’ve just bought a stack of. This is content for people who love crypto, made by people who love crypto. Aside from our shameless plug at #1, these are in no particular order as we have put together the top channels in different niches.

1. Coin Bureau- Overall Best Crypto YouTube Channel for Fundamental Analysis & Education

No surprise to see our very own Guy the crypto guy as the best crypto YouTube channel and not just because we’re bound to be biased. Since day one, Guy’s focus has been on digging as deep as he can go into the projects that pop up on his radar in order to bring his loyal subscribers the most objective, discerning, and honest crypto content on the Tube. He also gives you his take on the top crypto exchanges and current crypto news of the day, helping you make sense of what’s going on and how it affects you, the average crypto user. 

best crypto youtube channel
Image via Coin Bureau 

It hasn’t always been an easy ride, as technical issues have had to be overcome and insane hours worked in order to keep the channel’s upward trajectory going to help us become one of the largest crypto YouTube channels in the world. Although it may look easy, making these videos is a time-consuming process, involving long hours of research, shooting, and editing before they’re ready to hit the wires. Camera batteries have died mid-shoot, audio files have been accidentally wiped and videos re-shot at the last moment because of unexpected developments with the featured projects. No wonder Guy hardly ever gets out.

But if you ask the man himself, he’ll tell you that he wouldn’t have things any other way. The same goes for the rest of the team here at the Bureau, we all love what we do and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work (well, sometimes).

If you’d said to any of us back when the YouTube channel launched in early 2019 that it would have more than two million subscribers a little over four years later, well, we’d probably have thought you were drinking too much of that moonboy sauce. The crypto space was growing, but the heady days of the 2017 bull market were long gone. We knew crypto was here to stay, but none of us imagined that it would explode in popularity in the way that it has.

Best YouTubers for Cryptocurrency Trading
Guy doing his thing. Image via Coin Bureau 

The combined effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the Bitcoin halving made 2020/2021 a wild ride for all of us at the Coin Bureau. Subscriber numbers began to climb as worldwide lockdowns gave more people the time to do proper research into crypto. Then, as predicted, the Bitcoin halving in May heralded the start of another bull cycle. Even during the bear market of 2022/2023, we continued to provide quality crypto content as we know that the best time to learn is when the noise has died down. On current trends, clocking in more than 183 million views, The Coin Bureau is the biggest crypto channel on YouTube, and we ain't going anywhere.

We tackle more than just YouTube as well. Our Telegram channel provides up-to-date crypto and macro news, our weekly newsletter is one of the best in the biz, and those crazy folks over on TikTok love our short content.

We were also fortunate enough to launch our Coin Bureau Club in 2023, where we provide our die-hard fans with expert insight, research and analysis along with our crypto picks and coins/tokens we are holding here at Coin Bureau headquarters.

2. Benjamin Cowen - Best for Crypto Technical Traders and In-Depth Chart Analysis

Another well-known and much-respected crypto YouTuber is Benjamin Cowen at Into the Cryptoverse, who likes to look at things from a more technical perspective. Ben must be one of the smartest cookies in the crypto industry. With a background in Computational Mathematics, a PhD in Engineering, and a focus on quantitative analysis, Benjamin enjoys the use of data-driven insights and charting analysis to take a no-bs look at the crypto markets.

You will rarely hear terms like "feelings" or "opinions" on this channel, as Ben likes to look at the cold, hard, data. While all this may sound technical and overly complicated, Cowen does a great job at putting everything in simple terms that just about anyone can understand. The production of Ben’s videos tends to focus mainly on sharing his screen and talking viewers through the charts, so while they may not be as "action-packed" as some channels, you will not find more unique content anywhere, as much of the content comes from charts and tools that Benjamin has created himself.

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Crypto Trading
Image via Benjamin Cowen 

Indeed, Ben’s approach is in marked contrast to most crypto YouTubers, which makes him a vital resource for those who want to learn what makes the market behave the way it does. Thoughtful, detailed analysis is the order of the day here, with memes and price predictions thin on the ground. 

This Youtube channel has been running since 2019 and recently pulled past the 780k subscribers mark, while Ben’s videos have racked up over 94 million views and counting. Not the flashiest crypto channel out there, but definitely one of the best. A great channel for those interested in using charts to understand the market and gain a well-rounded perspective on macro and TA. It’s helpful to have someone walk you through a crypto trading chart and explain what all those lines are doing.

3. Digital Asset News - Best for Exploring Events that Impact Crypto

Digital Asset News, or "DAN" for short, is another YouTube channel to get a perspective on the latest goings-on in the crypto space. This channel has become an industry favourite, partly in thanks to the host Rob, who delivers fantastic news, insights, and opinions on all things crypto-related. Rob takes a mature, level-headed approach to crypto topics ranging from tech adoption to politics, and provides a well-thought-out and respective approach to crypto.

Most of Rob's videos are shot with him speaking into the camera, with relative content sharing screen real-estate with him. Many of his videos are shot in front of a hyper-realistic green screen that shows a swimming pool…

Kidding, fans of this channel will catch the reference. No green screens here.

Digital Asset News' homepage
Image via Digital Asset News 

The production values and editing of the videos aren’t the sharpest, but DAN videos do come with an endearingly homemade appeal. All the usual topics are covered, though the focus is very much on reacting to the latest news from the cryptoverse. Videos are generally kept fairly short, making the channel a good go-to for anyone pressed for time. 

DAN has been running since 2019 and has attracted over 333k subscribers and over 40 million views in that time. There are also interviews and live streams for those who like a bit more variety in their crypto content.

4. Bankless Shows - Best in Cutting-Edge Crypto Content

Bankless is a crypto insider’s YouTube channel. Most of the content presented involves guests from the crypto world and expert opinions, which is likely their main selling point. The calibre of the guests are definitely next-level as many crypto influencers and key figures have taken turns gracing the show with their presence. The most high-profile guest, Vitalik, has been on it twice. It also means that they are very much part of the crypto community if they can easily secure someone like him to their show.

Bankless Shows
Can you name everyone on the Bankless banner page? Image via Bankless 

The content itself may not be the most suitable for those new to crypto as many episodes involve quite deep discussions, sometimes on the intricacies of a particular project or new blockchain technology. It’s probably more suitable as a follow-up on a project that you already have some brief inkling of, instead of going to it as your first-touch experience with the project. Those who are deep into crypto would certainly find this a most engaging channel and provides the ability to ogle at the “star power” they’ve managed to corral for the show.

Bankless has existed on YouTube since 2020 during the pandemic year, netting more than 192k subscribers and 12 million views over the years. Starting out as an ETH-maxi channel, its position has since been tempered to take a humbler view towards other projects.

5. 99Bitcoins - Crypto Channel With Top-Notch Educational Content

This Singapore-based Youtube channel has been bringing its viewers clear and consistent crypto advice since 2015 and has racked up nearly 710k subscribers and over 37 million views in that time. This is thanks to its two main strengths: a focus on clarity and the avuncular presence of Nate Martin in front of the camera.

99Bitcoins' homepage
Image via 99Bitcoins 

If you’re at the very start of your YouTube crypto journey, then 99Bitcoins is perhaps one of the best places to jump in. All things crypto are explained as simply and straightforwardly as possible, with videos being kept short to enable viewers to get a good first overview of whatever topic is being discussed. Perhaps best for newbies are the tutorials on how to buy certain coins and tokens and the two-minute reviews which break down a platform, project, or blockchain technology in… yep, you guessed it – two minutes.

Tying all of this together is the calm and reassuring figure of Nate Martin, whose approachable persona makes even the most complicated topic that much easier to understand. 99Bitcoins is as good a demonstration as any of the importance of both style and substance while being very approachable to beginners.

6. Unchained Podcast - Hard-Hitting Crypto Journalism

Laura Shin, host of the Unchained Podcast, was formerly a senior editor at Forbes magazine. She’s been covering crypto since 2016 so she’s definitely an the OG space. Her YouTube channel features a variety of guests, not just crypto influencers in the crypto world, but also those relevant to whatever topics that is being covered, including lawyers, lawmakers, and sometimes, even someone from the SEC!

Unchained Podcast
Learn from the horses' mouths and what's behind the curtain in the Unchained Podcast. 

Her journalistic tendencies shine through in the way she conducts the interviews with her guests. They often unwittingly reveal more of themselves than they might have been willing to do under her shrewd questioning. Laura certainly strives to leave no stone unturned, and at the Coin Bureau, we applaud her efforts.

There’s also another segment called The Chopping Block featuring crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Robert Leshner, Tom Schmidt, and Tarun Chitra in a conversation commenting on the latest news from their unique viewpoints. Sometimes, they are joined by guests or by Laura herself.

The channel has been around since 2019 and has gained about 49.3k subscribers and over 2 million views thus far. The content presented gives a more nuanced view and sometimes, a peek behind the curtains of what’s going on when all we can see is the front and the froth generated within the community.

7. Altcoin Daily - Best for Crypto News and Daily Crypto Updates

Time is a premium for all of us busy folks. With various life obligations yanking us this way and that, it leaves us with little time to allocate to what we want to keep an eye on. This is where Altcoin Daily News comes in. Very rarely do I start my day without a quick 10-minute news hit from the brothers at Altcoin Daily.

Altcoin Daily News
Crypto tidbits to start your day in the know.

This Youtube channel delivers bite-size crypto news of what’s happening every day in the crypto space so that you can easily be kept informed in between your daily chores and work life. The breezy commentary by the hosts, brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, about the day’s news, is easily digested by newbies and OGs alike. This is probably why the channel has easily managed to rack up more than 157 million views with 1.29 million subscribers in a span of four years.

Aaron and Austin are also highly-respected in the crypto industry and frequently attend crypto conferences as expert speakers and knowledgeable minds in the space. They have also managed to wrangle up some top-notch guests, having some fantastic hours-long discussions with the likes of Michael Saylor, Raoul Pal, and even our very own Guy Turner.

8. DataDash - Best in Crypto & Macro Trading Analysis

One of the side effects of the pandemic is that the number of people interested in cryptocurrency trading went up exponentially in 2020. Throughout the bull run of 2020/2021, many a budding crypto trader had to go somewhere to learn their craft. Where best to get a free education than on YouTube?

DataDash, hosted by the highly intelligent and insightful Nicholas Merten, is one such YouTube channel, but this isn't just your average technical analysis trading channel, far from it.

Since launching in 2017, the channel has amassed more than 46 million views. Even though trading channels are a dime a dozen, this one delivers incredibly detailed and in-depth market analysis in 20-30min videos with low-level jargon. If you’re not familiar with trading talk, it might take you a while to get oriented. Once you know the basics though, his videos are not difficult to understand. This makes DataDash a cut above most regular trading channels.

Get the latest Bitcoin market analysis with DataDash 

Another thing that makes his videos stand out is that the content covered is mostly related to crypto, but Nicholas always keeps an eye on other macroeconomic factors that are likely to influence the crypto markets.

Another reason Nicholas is respected in the industry is for his brutally honest opinions and views about the markets. You will find exactly 0% hopium here, you will not be coddled or simply told what you want to hear on this channel. Expect a no-thrown-punches approach as Nicholas not only takes you through what is going on with crypto, but often the broader asset ecosystem as a whole.



9. MoneyZG- Best for Technical Analysis and Active Trading

At the Coin Bureau, we take pride in providing top-notch crypto education, news, and analysis, but admittedly, we are not active day traders. Our primary goal has always been to empower and educate as many individuals as we can, equipping them with the finest tools and knowledge to navigate the exciting realm of crypto and blockchain technology. 

When it comes to trading, we are humble enough to admit there are channels that do it better. MoneyZG is one of our favourite channels for trading for quite a few reasons.

Image via Youtube/moneyzg

To start, there are a lot of crypto day traders out there, and in all honesty, many of them are quite predatory and will only post content that will generate an absurd amount of clicks, controversy, or focus only on content that will pump their own bags.

Many “trading gurus” on YouTube are disingenuous with their thumbnails and will use fake trading results achieved by gaming backtesting results or running multiple demo accounts where they lose money on 9 of them but only show the one that made a profit. 

That is why we are happy to see “no-hype” genuine trading channels like Data Dash and MoneyZG. These guys don't provide misleading promises of wealth and Lambo's and focus more on education and strategy than selling snake oil and fake dreams.

MoneyZG is a great channel that covers all things trading, such as tutorials for different exchanges, how to use different trading bots and different strategies, has content for beginners and experienced traders, and he throws in a great mix of additional educational content such as crypto storage and how to navigate the crypto waters safely.

Along with trading, James also reviews different crypto exchanges and his X Account offers daily insights into the financial markets. Some of our favourite content from him are his videos in which he speaks in a calm and relaxed manner as he teaches the ins and outs of MetaMask and accessing different DApps and DeFi protocols. There is no screaming into the microphone or making silly one-million-dollar Bitcoin bets while flexing on this channel, and we applaud him for that.

10. CryptosRUs - YouTube Channel Offering Crypto Insights

"I am George – we’re all George!" Ah, good old George. George does two streams a day on his YouTube channel CryptosRUs, in which he analyses and discusses the latest crypto news and events in a highly entertaining and enjoyable manner. Much of this content is pure speculation, but that is half the fun of it, and George doesn’t appear to get much in the way of sleep between streams and his perma-exhausted demeanour has earned him north of 657k subscribers and nearly 45 million views since the channel was created in 2017. On his YouTube channel, you can expect to pick up some crypto tips, many of which turn out to be absolute gems.

CryptosRUs homepage
Image via CryptosRUs 

George may be another lo-fi crypto YouTuber, but he really knows his stuff and has made some epic calls on many altcoins in the past and does a good job at keeping his viewers up to speed with news and market catalysts. CryptosRUs is one of the best channels for anyone interested in low-cap crypto projects and diamonds in the rough. His community is loyal and vocal and – perhaps best of all – you can buy a hoodie with his opening catchphrase printed on it.

Best Crypto YouTube Channels 2024: Closing Thoughts

It was difficult to narrow down all the wonderful crypto YouTube channels out there to just 10, and there are some notable exclusions we had to leave out such as Anthony Pompliano from the Pomp Podcast and Charles Hoskinson from Cardano, which are both definitely worth checking out. We last covered the best crypto YouTubers back in September 2021 and already it seems like a lifetime ago.

So much has happened in the interim. The crypto industry vaulted into mainstream attention, but not always for good reasons. The meteoric rise and fall of LUNA, bringing with it a cascading chain of fallen CeFi companies and the epic implosion of FTX has many of us hoping that 2024 will be a better year. May this purge be sufficient to cleanse the industry of the truly serious bad players that are giving the crypto space a terrible reputation.

Doubtless, there is still a lot that needs to be fixed in the industry, not least including clearer regulations by the US and other countries around the world. As Harvey Pitt, former SEC chief said "... what's required is a comprehensive set of rules of the road. It's no use...telling people to follow the law if they don't know what the law is." The mini-rally a while ago is starting to lose steam in the midst of a cruel bear market, which might not be ending anytime soon.

For all the uncertainty that lies ahead, you can be sure that the crypto YouTubers on this list will continue to inform, educate, and entertain, whatever happens to the market. Will some of them still make this list in a year’s time? Perhaps not, but don’t imagine Guy will be letting anyone knock him off his perch anytime soon. If the YouTube channels on this list aren't enough for your fill of crypto content, you may also be interested in checking out our picks for the Best Crypto Telegram Channels and Top Crypto Podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best YouTube Channel for Crypto Education?

Hands down, it's our guy Guy over at Coin Bureau. Granted there may be some bias, but objectively speaking, there's a reason why the Coin Bureau channel is one of the top YouTube channels around. What really makes Guy's videos stand out is that he doesn't just report the news, he also explains how this event will affect you in the short or long term. This additional bit of information goes a long way in contextualising the event against the bigger picture.

What is the Best YouTube Channel to Learn Crypto Topics?

99Bitcoins is one of the better ones out there to learn about various crypto topics and is fantastic for beginners.

How to Learn Crypto Trading Strategies

Both Benjamin Cowen and DataDash offer good videos on trading strategies. For the beginner-trader, CryptoCred is also a highly-respectable channel for learning trading. The duration of the videos ranges from 25 minutes to 1.5 hours and each covers a trading topic in depth.

What is the Best YouTube Channel for Crypto News?

Altcoin Daily is one of the best channels for quick-hit, all-encompassing crypto news. For a more in-depth exploration of topics, Digital Asset News is a great channel as well.

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