Binance US - The Best Place For 🇺🇸 To Trade!

Ask crypto OG’s their opinion on what is the best crypto exchange and chances are they’ll say Binance. That’s for a very good reason, not only can you get access to over 150 cryptos there, Binance offers deep liquidity and low trading fees.

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So, if you are based in the US and want to get into crypto and trade, then you probably cannot get much better than Binance.

Best for US Traders
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How to get going?

If you believe in crypto then chances are that you’ll need a Binance account to get access to a few exotic altcoins at some point. So, why not get an account, good to go, at one of the best US exchanges?

1. Sign up to Binance US
1. 1. Sign up to Binance US
Just enter your email and desired password and bash the ‘Create Account’ button to get signed up to Binance US.
2. Get Setup
2. 2. Get Setup
You will be sent a confirmation code to verify your email address. Once you have input this code you’ll be asked to secure your new Binance US account via SMS verification. Finally, you’ll need to complete ID verification.
3. Deposit
3. 3. Deposit
Deposit using ACH, domestic wire, debit card, Apple Pay, or with crypto. Once your deposit has come in you’ll be ready to trade!