OKX – Exclusive 40% Spot Trading Fee Discount + Get Up To $20K In Bonuses.

Yes, OKX has been around since 2016. However, most of the exchange’s focus has previously been on the Asian market. Times have changed and OKX appears to be intent on cracking the West with their recent rebrand.

There is a massive range of 100’s of alts for you to choose from and you can even buy crypto with Visa, bank transfer, Mastercard and ApplePay. On top of all of that, I’ve yet to see a lifetime trading fee discount and bonus higher than I’ve been able to get you guys on OKX.

1. A 40% spot trading fee discount for life is quite simply ridiculous and well worth you grabbing whilst you can!

2. Sign up to OKX and get a mystery box – get up to $10,000!

3. Deposit, trade & get extra bonuses of up to $10,000!

No 🇺🇸 US or 🇬🇧 UK Users (i)

The Coin Bureau Team has researched this service and has not been able to discern which US States it is licensed in. As far as we understand, US users are NOT permitted to use this service or create an account. Increasing FCA restrictions in the UK have also led to uncertainty around the service availability in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, users in these locations should look at alternative services that are fully licensed and should take care to ensure that the service is licensed in their state and/or country of residence.

Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)

Offers leveraged products. These are for experienced traders ONLY and are complex instruments that come with a high risk of losing money rapidly. Experienced traders should consider if they can afford to take the risk of losing their money.

Coin Bureau considers leverage above 5x as excessively risky.

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Got an account already?
Got an account already?

How to get going

If you are cool with trading the same boring markets as everyone else, then there is no real reason for you to check out OKX. However, if you want to join the legions of traders wanting to get exposure to different markets, then you’ll want to create an OKX account, or take advantage of their KYC-free trading tier.

1. 1. Sign up to OKX
Enter your email and password in the signup form. Make sure you use the code coinbureau to get that exclusive 40% trading discount!
2. 2. Turn on 2fa
Click settings and enable two-factor authentication.
3. 3. Deposit
Go to your wallet area and select the crypto you want to deposit. Once that transaction goes through, you’ll be good to go and trade on OKX!