Ellipal - 10% OFF Air-Gapped Cold Wallet

Do you think it is time to start taking your crypto’s security seriously and treat it like the million dollars it could one day be? Well, you are going to need to get yourself a hardware wallet. Ellipal allows you to take back control over your private keys in an air-gapped, anti-tamper, and easy-to-use way.

Coin Bureau's Ratings:
Ellipal Titan VS Titan Mini

Why Should You Get A Ellipal Device?

Do you want to run the risk of waking up one day only to discover that your crypto is gone? The truth is that hardware wallets like Ellipal are the safest way for people like us to store our crypto.

Yes, hardware wallets require an upfront investment and are probably only really worth it for those with reasonably hefty portfolios. However, that cost probably is well worth it when you consider the benefits of knowing that you have done everything you can to keep your portfolio safe.

Which Ellipal Product Is For You?

Ellipal Titan Mini

  • Super portable
  • Supports NFTs, and over 10,000 tokens and coins
  • Air-gapped and anti-disassembly tech keeps your assets safe

Ellipal Titan

  • 4 inch screen for ease of use
  • Air-gapped to keep your crypto 100% offline
  • Anti-disassembly tech keeps your assets safe
  • Supports NFTs, and over 10,000 tokens and coins