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NGRAVE – 10% OFF The Coldest Hardware Wallet

Are you thinking about taking your crypto security to the next level? Well, you are going to need a hardware wallet. NGRAVE enables you to be the sole custodian of your crypto and to generate the perfect private key completely offline!

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Why Should You Get An NGRAVE ZERO?

Every crypto holder’s nightmare is waking up and finding that their portfolio has been stolen by some crypto thief. The truth is that cold hardware wallets like NGRAVE ZERO are the safest way for regular people to store their portfolios.

Yes, these hardware wallets are pretty expensive and that means they are probably only really worth it for those with serious crypto portfolios. However, what’s the price of piece of mind to you and knowing that you have done everything possible to keep your crypto secure?

Which NGRAVE Product Is For You?



  • Combines top-of-the-line security with a simple interface
  • Create private keys and sign transactions with a completely offline device
  • 4-inch touchscreen
  • EAL7 certified – the top security level in the crypto and financial industry
  • Anti-tampering protection from physical attacks
  • Biometric security: enhanced security via fingerprint scanner
NGRAVE Zero + Graphene Combo Pack

NGRAVE Zero + Graphene Combo Pack

  • NGRAVE Zero device
  • Graphene is the ultimate backup for your key
  • Withstands extreme temperatures, water, and corrosion
  • Split your key into two parts