US Conference of Mayors Introduces Blockchain Resolution

Last updated: Jun 01, 2022
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The US Conference of Mayors is making progress in paving the way for the blockchain industry, introducing a bipartisan resolution that will support blockchain innovation.

The annual conference is the largest national organization that represents Mayors from America’s largest cities, regardless of political affiliation.

The bipartisan group called for “direct and coherent guidelines for the testing, adoption, and use of technology” that will both protect consumers and foster innovation to tap into the massive potential behind the emerging technology.

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The group recognizes the potential for blockchain technology to create unique opportunities for communities across America, to grow the economy, and create jobs.

It has been long feared by the crypto community that crypto would become a political issue, further stifling growth in the sector. Witnessing politicians on both sides of the bench rationally discuss how to progress a non-political technology is an encouraging step forward.

Mayor Hilary Schieve of Reno went on to state:

"There has never been a more opportune time to embrace technologies that enhance government services and stimulate local economies. This resolution seeks to lay the groundwork for measures that bring blockchain technology to our cities in a safe, accessible way."

"We are only beginning to see the potential for blockchain technologies," said Mayor Steve Williams of Huntington, West Virginia. "Cities across the nation can experience benefits as far ranging as expanded internet access and improved supply chains."

The resolution highlights that blockchain has the potential to “provide tools for cities to innovate, to streamline operations, functions, and to better deliver public services and increased access to opportunity for business and families,” while also emphasising the need for rules and guidelines.

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