August 1, 2021 - This is What The Fed Thinks of Crypto!

Hey Guys,

One of the most powerful people in the world right now is the Fed chairman.

An unelected central bank governor who controls the US money supply and can impact nearly every financial market.

More recently though, the Fed has been taking pretty strong stances on cryptocurrencies. This could either be to limit their competition to USD fiat or to limit potential competition to a Fed issued CBDC.

This is why it is extremely important to know where the Fed currently stands on crypto. It will help determine whether any regulations are in the pipe. Regulations that could significantly impact the future of all cryptocurrencies.

So, in my video today, I explore exactly what the Fed thinks of crypto. I analyse and break down all of his past statements from before he was chairman to current day.

I also give my own view on what these imply as well as what regulations we could one day see. Perhaps the chances of a Fed Issued US dollar are higher than we think…

All covered in my video right here.

📊 Portfolio Update 📊

Only minor changes to the portfolio this week. Took a little bit of profit on some ETH and bought some more SOL with it. My rationale is just to diversify some of ETH exposure to other smart contract chains. Moreover, I still remain extremely bullish on the potential of SOL in the medium to long term.

In terms of any additions, there are a few other tokens that I am thinking of adding. I am currently doing research on some of these for an upcoming video. I will keep you guys updated on those projects in my official Telegram channel.

BTC 31.07% | ETH 30.79% | ADA 6.89% | USDC 6.70% | SOL 6.43% | DOT 3.30% | YFI 2.78% | PAXG 2.63% | RUNE 2.32% | INJ 2.29% | LINK 2.06% | ATOM 1.53% | REN 0.65% | LIT 0.57%

📈 Market Trends 📈

This has been the strongest week in the crypto market that I can remember, and not just because prices went up. It’s one of the few times that Bitcoin dominance rose while all crypto prices were also rising. What this shows me is that this rally isn't being driven by retail greed - it's institutions getting back on board.

The primary driver of this week's strong rally seems to be the crackdown on centralised exchanges. I know that sounds crazy, but it's what the on chain indicators suggest. For example, this week we had the news that Binance would be limiting daily withdrawals on non-KYC accounts to 0.06 BTC. The moment that this happened, the amount of BTC on exchanges skydived, and the amount of BTC held by whales spiked along with it. It's not only Binance; we have also seen other exchanges like Bybit et al bringing in mandatory KYC requirements.

I suspect that there are quite a few wealthy crypto investors that are operating outside of the system, and now they're forced to sit on their BTC and alts until they can find a way to cash out without revealing their identity. I'm a bit torn about this KYC requirement. It seemed inevitable and it means less privacy but at least it helped to lift the crypto markets.

However, I think that regulators are looking to get a lot more active in their crypto lawmaking quest. There are a few bills and amendments floating around in the United States wanting to do crazy things like have the Federal Reserve control stablecoins or radically increase the taxes on crypto gains.

We also have the likes of Elizabeth Warren who seems to be on a crusade to limit the one technology that can actually help marginalised communities.

I'm not sure if any of these will pass or whether Warren will get her wish. This is because crypto does have allies in congress including Cynthia Lummis as well as its own lobby group. Moreover, the news isn't deterring big investors, so I'll take it as a sign that these aren't as big of a threat as they've been made out to be.

By contrast, a worldwide crypto crackdown could be coming later this year. This is as per the Financial Action Task Force's recommendations that have been made over the past few months. It could have some serious implications, and I'll be doing an in depth video about that later this week.

Speaking of later this week, there is something else happening which I have been looking forward to for over a year…

Wednesday’s The Day

It’s been a long time coming but the Ethereum London Hard Fork is upon us. On the 4th of August, it will officially be rolled out with one of the most anticipated improvement proposals yet - EIP 1559.

This is something that I have been talking about for over a year but it is great to see that it’s about to become a reality. As we know, EIP 1559 will see a base fee burn implemented which will significantly reduce the amount of ETH inflation.

It is hard to tell exactly how much the burn will impact on supply. According to Tim Beiko, a core Ethereum Dev, it could be anywhere between 25% - 75% of the fee. This also depends on how much gas users are willing to pay on top of the base fee to get urgent transactions through.

As I covered in my most recent video on Ethereum, based on past averages, the base fee burn is likely to crimp ETH inflation down from approximately 4.4% to about 1.7%. This is coincidentally about the same inflation rate on Bitcoin.

Despite how important EIP 1559 is for the Ethereum ecosystem, it still pales into comparison with what else is currently being built. We cannot forget that ETH 2.0 is being worked on in the background and we are likely to see a move to Proof-of-Stake earlier than you think.

According to the ETH 2.0 roadmap, the PoS merge is still estimated to take place this year. Moreover, we have recently had a pull request for EIP-3675 being published in Ethereum’s GitHub. This is the “merge” pull request that will see Proof of Stake become a reality on the network.

Apart from these upcoming improvements and upgrades, the Ethereum network is as active and bullish as ever. A few weeks ago, Ethereum had more active addresses than Bitcoin which only shows the massive demand there is to use the network.

Demand to hold ETH is increasing as well. Not only do we see the amount of ETH in the staking contract breaking record highs, but we have also seen whale addresses accumulating ETH at a rapid clip.

On top of this, you also have increasing institutional interest in ETH over the past few months.

For example, you have the folks over at Goldman Sachs who think that it’s possible Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin. You have JP Morgan claiming that ETH 2.0 could jump starta $40bn staking industry. Fidelity is beginning to offer ETH trading for their clients in 2022.

So, while the 4th of August is an important milestone in Etheruem’s journey, it’s still a small stepping stone in the mountain we are climbing. I am glad that I have been accumulating over the past few weeks and this is the reason that ETH is currently one of my largest holdings.

🔝 Top Newbie Tips 🔝

I said it before and I'll say it again - you can't rely on a single exchange to do all of your trading. You need to have multiple altcoin exchanges as well as numerous fiat-crypto payment gateway accounts. There are many participants that are trying to make it harder for us to use these exchanges (banks and regulators).

Moreover, the exchanges themselves are seeing the ground shifting and are limiting user access in anticipation of potential regulation.

For example, on top of that move by Binance on non-KYC’ed accounts, they have also been restricting more users from particular geos. They are limiting futures tradingsupport in Europe and have been ordered to limit access to users in Malaysia. Obviously there are ways around this, but based on all the articles I'm seeing in the crypto media about that, it's probably a matter of time before a lot of these services are KYC only.

If you were (or will be) affected by rules like these, this is the perfect time to take full custody of your funds. Get yourself a hardware wallet and store your coins securely. Nobody can restrict where you choose to send them or what you choose to do with it.

Moreover, now is a great time to learn about decentralized finance and familiarise yourself with all the different protocols and how to use them. Swapping, lending, borrowing, cross-chain, the whole shebang.

It takes a bit of cash and a bit of practice, but I've got loads of tutorials to help you how to set up a Metamask, how to connect to the Binance Smart Chain, and also the Polygon Ethereum side chain. All of these tools will allow you to take full control of your crypto and use it as intended.

I will be exploring many more DeFi topics and tutorials in the coming weeks.

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You should know that my team and I will continue raising the bar, when it comes to creating top-notch crypto content. All that, whilst keeping things ad free.

Thank you so much for changing my life and my teams. It is truly a privilege to spend all day thinking about crypto and producing this content for you.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my latest video and that you find it interesting.

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