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Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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Citizenship coin is a new cryptocurrency for the investment migration industry offering citizenship and residency programs to high net worth investors and families.

Citizenship coin is a first of its kind digital currency in the industry, enabling instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world with cheaper, faster, and efficient digital currency payments for the investment migration industry.

Citizenship coin is currently, an experimental digital currency based on blockchain technology, set to revolutionize the entire investment migration industry, enabling instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Citizenship coin uses peer-to-peer blockchain technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

The source code of Citizenship coin has been derived from Bitcoin/Litecoin source code. Industry professionals can collectively maintain and run the Citizenship coin network, work and collaborate together without the need for intermediaries or middlemen.

The value of one citizenship coin is tied to the value of euro.

1 CTZ (¢) = 1 EUR (€)

Mr. Balakrishnan, creator of the Citizenship coin said:

Crypto currencies is set revolutionize every industry segment in to the future because it is cheaper, faster and solves lot of problems. Citizenship coin is an exciting new technology for the investment migration industry

Citizenship consultants, Agents, Real estate companies, Law firms and even Governments may choose to accept citizenship coins, as a payment standard in the future for citizenship or immigration-related legal services. The source code of citizenship coin project is available free under open source license for the CBI/RBI industry professionals.

Citizenship coin will also support other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin which can be exchanged at the price of Euro.Citizenship coins can be exchanged to other major fiat currency such as Euro through Exchange agency, for a small conversion fee of 1%.

All transactions are subjected to AML/KYC rules. Payment transactions can be confirmed by blocks within 10-15 minutes and the payment fee is negligible compared to fees charged by banks. For example, to send 100,000 CTZ coins, the fee is 0.0015 CTZ coins.

Investment Migration

CBI/RBI schemes offer a path to citizenship through property investment in Europe and Caribbean for wealthy investors. Foreign investors are given permanent residency, in exchange for purchasing a residential or commercial real estate in Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and US (EB-5).

Currently, there are over 20 countries run citizenship and residency programs offering investor visas, through real estate investment or capital investment, requiring a minimum of 250,000 euros or more.

  • Europe: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Belgium, Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu
  • Americas: United States (EB5), Canada (Quebec), Bahamas
  • Caribbean: Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada
  • Middle East: Jordan, Turkey
  • Asia: Thailand, Malaysia

Limited Supply

Citizenship coin is limited to a total supply of 105 million coins and supply will halve every four years. Citizenship coins can be exchanged to fiat currency such as Euro, for a small 1% exchange fee through our in-house Citizenship coin exchange. All blockchain transactions are subjected to AML/KYC rules.

Real Estate

Citizenship coin may also be accepted to buy real estate by developers promoting citizenship and residency programs.

Real estate companies offering investment migration programs can increase property sales by accepting cryptocurrency like Citizenship coin along with other crypto-currencies for its speed, cheaper transaction costs, without involving intermediaries.

For example, it only costs 0.40 CTZ as a transaction fee to transfer 1 million citizenship coins equivalent of 1 million euro and transactions are confirmed within 10-15 minutes. In the future, citizenship coin may be accepted as digital payment for immigration and citizenship-related services in several countries.

Initial Funding

The Citizenship coin startup is still in the initial phase of development. The startup plans to raise 1 million euro for its operations through the pre-ICO which started this April. The phase1-ICO, which set to open in Oct 19, aims to raise 10 million euros to set up and run our own Citizenship coin exchange to trade crypto and fiat currencies.

The funding is not mandatory since the source code is free and hopefully in the future, CBI/RBI/EB-5 industry will develop and implement citizenship coin as an industry standard cryptocurrency.

Free Software

Citizenship coin is free open source software available for Citizenship consultants, Agents, Governments, Law firms and Real estate developers in the CBI/RBI/EB-5 industry. Citizenship consultants, real estate developers, law firms and even governments may choose to accept citizenship coin, as an industry standard crypto payment in the future.

Free Coins

As a part of the initial promotion, we are offering free 1000 citizenship coins each for the first 50. A total of 50,000 citizenship coins will be distributed free to the public. Please contact us through our website.


Please download our Whitepaper.

About Citizenship Coin

Citizenship coin is developed by Ajax Software LLC in Budapest, Hungary.

Image via Citizenship Coin

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