BEST FREE Crypto Apps in 2021! Ultimate Top 10!!

Jan 10, 2021

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Coin ATM Radar:

► Trust Wallet:

► Blockfolio:

► 👍 Celsius App | Deposit $200 Get $20 FREE:

► Download Telegram:

► My Telegram Sticker Pack:

► 👍 Binance App - Get 20% Trading Discount:

► CoinGecko:

► Brave Browser:

► 👍 3Commas | 50% Discount:

► CryptoNews:


1️⃣ Coin ATM Radar 1️⃣

Want to buy crypto with cash? Or are you looking to get some spending money quick and hit the high street? If you have nodded your head then you’ll need a crypto ATM. Coin ATM Radar shows you all those crypto ATMs near you!

2️⃣ Trust Wallet 2️⃣

Want a no fuss crypto mobile wallet that supports 160K+ crypto assets, staking, NFTs and much more? Do yourself a favor and try out Trust Wallet!

3️⃣ Blockfolio 3️⃣

Keeping track of the value of your portfolio can be difficult in these crazy markets. So, what’s the solution? A crypto tracking app of course. Blockfolio looks beautiful and gives you a real simple way to track those cryptos on the go. It so happens to be stuffed full of other useful features for you to use on the go. Watch my video to learn more!

4️⃣ Celsius 4️⃣

Are you hodling crypto and waiting for it to go the moon? Well, you could keep doing that or you can earn interest on that crypto until you get that moon landing moment. At Celsius you can supply crypto and earn up to 21.49%. Yes, that’s not a typo and crushes any rate you can get at a bank. No wonder those old school financial chaps are going out of business.

5️⃣ Telegram 5️⃣

This is the messaging app of the crypto community. All those projects have community, announcement and trading groups where crypto holders come to discuss their favourite coins. This can be particularly useful when you want to assess the social sentiment of a project

6️⃣ Binance App 6️⃣

Binance is the king of exchanges and it just so happens that they also have a cracking mobile app for those that want to trade on the go. Trade 100’s of the top altcoins, with deep liquidity and a beautiful user interface. Also, the app supports features like Binances own crypto card - so be sure to check that out

7️⃣ CoinGecko 7️⃣

Researching and having a general overview on that market price action can be hard. But that’s where CoinGecko comes in and gives you all that important data at your fingertips

8️⃣ Brave Browser 8️⃣

Crypto is more than just making money. It is a lifestyle that embraces ideals like privacy. Brave Browser is a web browser that has come out of the cryptocurrency industry. 20 million people use it

9️⃣ 3Commas 9️⃣

Crypto markets move at the speed of light and you can be forgiven for being shackled to your computer all day and all night. 3Commas helps crypto traders unshackle themselves by automating their trading strategies. Manage your trading bots and backtest your trading strategies

🔟 CryptoNews 🔟

News plays a massive role in crypto markets. But keeping your finger on the pulse of those crypto markets can be a challenge. That’s why you need a crypto news aggregator and CryptoNews does just that for you in a dedicated mobile app


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