Biggest Bitcoin LOSSES & How To Recover Lost Crypto!!

Jun 23, 2021

🕵️‍♂‍Tracking Lost Bitcoin🕵️‍♂‍

Chainalysis estimates that another 2 million BTC has been lost since the first bull market in 2011. This is because a total of nearly 4 million BTC has not moved since that time Whereas the old Bitcoin was mostly lost due to abandonment, most of the Bitcoins lost since 2011 were because of human error

👨‍💼Gabriel Abed 800 BTC👨‍💼

Gabriel Abed is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur from Barbados. He is the founder of a series of software companies and crypto VC firms. He also advises the World Economic Forum about cryptocurrencies He lost 800 BTC when his coworker formatted his laptop. Luckily for Gabriel, this was just a small fraction of his Bitcoin holdings which he spread out between multiple wallets as a precaution

👱‍♂‍Campbell Simpson 1400 BTC👱‍♂‍

Campbell Simpson is a journalist and freelance writer from Australia. He worked for Gizmodo for 3 years Bitcoin bought 1400 BTC in 2010 for 25 dollars and stored it on a hard drive which he threw out after breaking up with his girlfriend

👨‍💻James Howells 7500 BTC👨‍💻

James Howells is a computer systems engineer from the United Kingdom. He’s one of the first people who mined Bitcoin and also created a point-of-sale terminal for Bitcoin Cash In 2013, Bitcoin made the news because of its bull run and James remembered that he had 7500 BTC which was now worth millions of dollars.

💭Stefan Thomas 7000+ BTC💭

Stefan Tomas is a software developer from the United States. He is the former CTO of Ripple Labs and is currently the CEO of a web monetization platform which leverages Ripple’s interledger protocol In 2011, Stefan was given over 7000 BTC as payment for producing a YouTube video that explains how Bitcoin works. He put his private key on a secure USB and forgot the password. He has 2 guesses left

🛠How To Recover Lost Cryptocurrency🛠

If you’ve permanently deleted the file by emptying your recycle bin or trash folder, it should still be possible to recover the file on your own using a free data recovery tool like Recuva When it comes to those hard drives that were thrown out, these end up in a local landfill since e waste is difficult to recycle. Landfills keep good records of where garbage is thrown, so it should be recoverable If you can get even just a fragment of your wallet information, there is a service in the United States that can brute force the rest of it. Some crypto wallets like Metamask offer wallet recovery tools as well.


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