Bitcoin: Spot ETF INCOMING?! What To Watch For!!

Dec 12, 2021

Hey Guys,

One thing that I have noticed recently is the great deal of disillusionment there has been about the price of Bitcoin. Many were hoping that we would see a massive rally that would finish off the year.

However, this was something I was increasingly cautious about. That's mainly that because despite all the seemingly bullish news, there were many global macro headwinds that were in the way.

Something that appeared to be bullish at the time was the release of those Bitcoin ETFs about 2 months ago. There was FOMO in the air as people saw this as a pivotal time for the Bitcoin markets.

While this did create a lot of Media headlines, the fact that these instruments were not backed by Spot bitcoin was a major issue in my eyes.

And, just how suboptimal a Futures backed ETF is can now finally be measured. There have been several calculations that show just how much these ETF investors are losing when they could just as simply have bought spot Bitcoin.

That's exactly what I explore in my video today. I analyse the impact that these instruments have had on the markets and why they remain a drag on full Bitcoin adoption.

However, I do also look into the potential of a Spot ETF launch. There are a few more things that need to fall into place before the SEC will approve some of these instruments and I think that we are getting closer and closer to that.

If a Spot ETF is indeed approved, it could move the markets considerably, in a way that those Futures backed instruments never could.

That's all covered today!

P.S. Enjoy the "Guy Carleone" disclaimer 😉


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