CBDCs Are Imminent!! Digital Euro Update You Can’t Miss!!

Oct 27, 2023

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Central banks around the world have been working on CBDCs for years. 

The ECB is one of the furthest along in this regard, and it recently announced that its digital Euro was entering the ‘preparation’ phase. 

If you’ve heard anything at all about the digital Euro, then you’ll know that it’s particularly dystopian. Limits on holdings. Limits on transactions. Zero privacy. Possibly even mandatory chips in phones! 

Given that we’ve been keeping a close eye on the digital Euro over a year now, we figured we’d bring you up to speed about what’s been going on with it. It’s safe to say that it’s very terrifying.




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► ECB Investigation Phase Final Report: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/digital_euro/investigation/profuse/shared/files/dedocs/ecb.dedocs231018.en.pdf


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