Celsius Bankruptcy: What Happens Now?! The Latest!!

Jul 28, 2022

Hey Guys,

As I'm sure most of you will know, Celsius recently filed for bankruptcy, leaving an estimated 1.7 million users wondering when they'll get their crypto back. This is why I decided to do an in-depth video about Celsius' bankruptcy and what comes next for its users.

To be blunt, Celsius' bankruptcy filing reveals that the company was doing some questionable stuff behind the scenes to generate the yields it had promised to their users. Some of the most damning revelations actually came out after the fact when former Celsius employees decided to speak out about what had been going on.

Oddly enough, the official story seems to be that Celsius didn't necessarily do anything malicious. The crypto platform was just being poorly managed, taking too much risk, and not being transparent about the true nature of its operations. Obviously, this kind of behaviour borders on malicious, and as you'll see, it really scratches the surface of the insanity behind the scenes.

Normally I would say enjoy, but I know this video will be tough for some of you. As I've said before, so long as you're healthy and work hard, you can get yourself out of any financial situation, no matter how grim.

Not to mention that there's a high chance you'll be able to get at least some of your crypto back.

Stick around until the end to find out how and when!


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