CRO Still Worth It? What You NEED To Know

Mar 16, 2021

❓ What Is ❓’s mission is to help accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Yes, it’s true that almost every project makes this bold claim. However, once you know about the ecosystem, you can kinda see where they’re coming from.

💵 Pay 💵

This service allows you to shop at online retailers that have integrated the Crypto Pay checkout. Yes, that range of stores could be bigger. However, you can also use it to buy gift cards with crypto for over 300 brands. You can also top up prepaid phones. Spending crypto is one thing, but you can earn up to 10% cashback by using Crypto Pay too.

💲 Crypto Credit 💲

This service allows you to take out a collateralized crypto loan and borrow up to 50% of that collateral. Most people use these types of loans to buy more crypto and leverage their positions.

💰 Crypto Earn 💰

Do you just want to earn interest on your crypto? Well, this is the solution for you. Supply crypto and you can get interest rates of up to 14%.

📱 App 📱

This app is essentially your gateway to all the products in the ecosystem. You can also deposit regular currency, buy or sell any of over 100 cryptos in just a few taps and even order a crypto card. The app also had its own version of CoinMarketCap to help you monitor those crypto markets.

👛 DeFi Wallet 👛

One major drawback of the app is that it’s a custodial wallet. That means you don’t control the private keys to your crypto. If that’s something that matters to you then this DeFi wallet is for you. It has all those normal wallet features and allows you to earn interest thanks to integrations with the likes of Compound, Yearn and Cosmos staking.

💳 Crypto Cards 💳

Personally, I find a crypto Visa card the easiest way to spend that crypto. offers some of the best on the market. Watch the vid and find out why!

📈 Exchange 📈

The Syndicate is this exchange’s standout feature. Here you can get crypto at a 50% discount. Now, that’s a great deal for sure. However, when it comes to trading crypto, the liquidity, altcoin selection and trade volume, this exchange is pretty disappointing. It just hasn’t developed the way I thought it would.

📊 The CRO Token 📊

In August last year, there were tons of crypto fans angrily pointing their fingers at The reason was down to killing off the old MCO token overnight. People had a problem with the swap rate for exchanging those MCO tokens to CRO. So that means that, if you want exposure to, you’ll be looking at acquiring that CRO token. Recently, kicked off the largest token burn in history. That sent the price of CRO to the moon. Watch my vid and find out why that was looked upon so favourably by the crypto community and learn what my concerns are regarding the CRO price.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

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