CRYPTO Is Now A Security: What Does It Mean For You?!

Mar 30, 2023

Hey Guys,

We all know that the SEC seems to be waging an all-out war against crypto. However, the actions that they took last week against Coinbase have upped the stakes even more than one could have expected.

That's because they sent Coinbase a Well's notice telling them they plan to sue them for listing "unregistered securities". The only problem is that the SEC didn't tell them which assets they were specifically referring to.

Quite simply, the SEC was asking Coinbase to respond to a letter accusing them of breaking the law, without telling them which laws they were breaking. Crazy!

This also got me thinking: What are the implications of a cryptocurrency being labelled an "unregistered security"?

What does this practically mean for the project in question? And if there are so many risks to being an "unregistered" security, why don't projects just go through the process of registering their tokens?

Well, that's exactly what I will be covering in my video today. Enjoy!

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