Crypto News: BTC Seizure, Polygon, Tesla, Aave & More!!

Feb 14, 2022

Hey Guys,

I know the markets aren't looking too hot, but fear not. I have just the thing that will hit the spot: my weekly crypto review!

There were a lot of crypto headlines that caught my eye last week, but the BTC from the Bitfinex hack definitely takes the case.

As I mentioned in yesterday's weekly newsletter, there's a lot about that situation that makes zero sense. Bitfinex's exchange token pumping 1 week before the recovery is one of the many anomalies. The real question now is what happens to that ~94 000 BTC.

Another headline that caught my eye was Blackrock's plans to offer crypto trading to its clients, and you'll know this already if you've been keeping up with my Telegram posts. If just a fraction of Blackrock's 10 trillion AUM finds its way into crypto, we could see some fireworks.

The last headline I'll touch on here relates to the ongoing lobbying efforts in the United States by pro-crypto companies. Crypto lobbying more than doubled in 2021, and now we have companies like Coinbase and even the NFL push policy makers to be pro crypto.

This barely scratches the surface of all the bullish news I've got for you. I have a feeling we're going to see a green week, and if you watch until the end you might just find yourself feeling the same way!



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