Crypto News: Coinbase vs. SEC, RNDR, ICP, Tech Earnings & More!

May 01, 2023

Hey Guys,

It’s crazy that it’s Monday already, but that’s how times goes in crypto! Last week’s price action was exciting yet uneventful. There was lots of volatility, but prices stayed mostly sideways. This could be due to issues with crypto on-off ramps.

These issues are of course related to regulatory scrutiny, which there is no shortage of these days. Exchanges have been front and center in that respect, especially Coinbase which seems to be gearing up for a war with the SEC.

To my surprise, there were some impressive moves among altcoins. Some gained as much as 50%, and I’m proud to say that I totally called that one in last week’s crypto review. Make sure to watch until the end so you don’t miss it!



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