Crypto News: ETH, Coinbase, Stablecoins, US Bonds & MORE!!

Aug 08, 2023

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Another Monday, another weekly crypto review!

Today's edition is jam packed with alpha that you can't miss. Despite what crypto prices would have you believe, there's a lot that happened last week. and even more that’ going to come this week.

Of course, its impossible to predict what's going to happen, but the week prior often lends some insight. For example, the SEC seems to be back on the crypto beat. Ethereum's ecosystem still seems to be under stress which could be relieved by a new layer 2.

The most interesting development has been in the stock market. Bond yields have risen which seems to have caused a crash. This can sound boring on the surface, but upon close examination, it could foreshadow a sudden flash crash among stocks and crypto.

This is one that you can't miss! 


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