Crypto News: ETH Reorg, LUNA 2.0, USDT Rotation & MORE!!

May 29, 2022

Hey Guys,

Welcome to week 9 of losses in the crypto market!

This historic losing streak doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon, though I do expect we're going to see some volatility come next week when the Federal Reserve meets to discuss interest rates.

It's times like these that we need to focus on the fundamentals as that's where things are looking bullish.

For starters, money keeps pouring into the crypto market from all sides. There's Andreesen Horowitz with a record breaking 4.5 billion crypto fund, two different crypto VCs announcing 100 million dollar crypto funds, and crypto projects raising hundreds of millions of dollars. This should act as a sign that institutions are serious about crypto, and we should be too.

Another nugget of good news is all the crypto money flowing into politics around the world. Unfortunately this is the only way to get reasonable crypto policy and regulation, and it's a strategy that cryptocurrency exchanges like FTX understand and actively employ. With the midterm elections coming up, expect to see lots of pro crypto politicians.

These are just a few of the crypto headlines that caught our eye last week, and believe me when I say that there's much more to each one than meets the eye.

You'll have to watch until the end to get the full story on that front, as well as all the other exciting crypto updates that you can't miss. Terra, Ethereum, the tip of the iceberg!



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