Ethereum Updates: 2024 ETH Price Potential & RISKS!!

Dec 18, 2023

🚨 New Video Alert!! 🚨

What the hell is going on with ETH?

If you hold ETH like we do, you’ve probably been wondering this just as much as we have. That’s why we figured it was about time for another Ethereum update.

Not surprisingly, there have been a lot of bearish news about ETH over the last few months. Most of this has been just pure FUD, but some of it has been justified. Thankfully, sentiment is starting to change.

The rotation into ETH may not be just here yet, but we’ve identified a few catalysts that could trigger this. One of them could come in just a few weeks’ time, and no, it’s not the spot Ethereum ETF.

You’ll have to watch until the end to find out!


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