Fed's Most Hawkish Meeting!! What It Means for The Markets!

Nov 13, 2022

This FTX saga just keeps getting weirder by the day. It's all consuming and sometimes the news flow means that we forget that there are a number of other really important macro economic factors weighing on the world.

Many of you have asked me to break down the press conferences from the Federal Reserve whenever they come around. I meant to push this video out a bit sooner but the FTX-Alameda situation obviously took precedence. In any case, I'm here to deliver.

Jerome Powell has been as hawkish as ever, and it was interesting to see just how volatile the markets were during the press conference. It just comes to show you how desperate investors are for the Fed to stop raising rates. Luckily for them, the recent CPI print helped out.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling the inflation fight isn't over just yet. There's a theory that inflation will start to fall, but level out at around 4-5% due to the changes in global supply chains (e.g. Europe making its own microchips). This could put the Fed in an interesting position.


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