Livepeer: Is LPT a HIDDEN GEM?? My Review!!

Jun 03, 2021

👨‍🏫What is Livepeer?👨‍🏫

Livepeer was founded in February 2017 by Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang. They got into crypto because of Ethereum in 2016 and were part of its early developer community working on NFT technology Since the beginning, Livepeer’s mission statement has been to ‘Build The World’s Open Video Infrastructure’. Livepeer is designed to tackle the costliest step of the video streaming This step is called transcoding, and it involves formatting video content so that it can be streamed on multiple different devices across multiple different networks

⛓How Does Livepeer Work?⛓

There are two key players in the Livepeer protocol: orchestrators and delegators. Orchestrators provide transcoding services for incoming video streams To ensure orchestrators do their jobs correctly, they must stake LPT tokens to provide transcoding services. If they fail to properly transcode a video stream or act maliciously, part of their stake is slashed Delegators provide an additional layer of security to the Livepeer protocol by staking LPT on orchestrators with a good track record

💸LPT ICO and Tokenomics💸

LPT had an initial supply of 10 million. Of this initial supply, just over 12 percent went to the Livepeer team and its founders, and only 5% was kept as a financial reserve for the project 19 percent was sold to private investors across two token sales in 2017 which collectively raised just under 4 million dollars. The LPT sold during these sales was priced at 94 cents and a whopping 3 dollars Instead of an ICO, Livepeer airdropped 63% of LPT’s initial supply to all Ethereum wallets holding at least 0.1 ETH shortly before the main net launch. Roughly 2.4 LPT was airdropped to over 2.6 million wallets

📈 LPT Price Analysis📈

Despite LPT’s terrific tokenomics, its price performance has been pretty lackluster. LPT has only gone up by about 5x since the start of the year, which is significantly less than most other cryptocurrencies Because LPT was airdropped to millions of Ethereum holders, anyone who claimed that LPT and never bothered to sell it on an exchange is probably doing so now that crypto is back in the news The second reason why LPT might be performing so poorly relates to the first and that’s a lack of exchange support until very recently The third and most apparent reason is a lack of use cases for the LPT token. The only real demand comes from orchestrators and delegators looking to stake LPT

📅Livepeer Roadmap📅

As to what comes next for Livepeer, co-founder Doug Petkanics detailed a roadmap for 2021 and beyond in a recent blog post Naturally, the primary thing Livepeer Inc will be doing is driving demand for the Livepeer protocol via their paid platform services In terms of technology, Livepeer Inc wants to introduce stream content recognition software for orchestrator nodes.

🤼Livepeer vs. Theta🤼

If I were to compare both projects using a single sentence, Theta is basically everything that Livepeer is working to become Theta’s relentless growth has landed both of its tokens in the top 100 I think both Theta and TFUEL have seen most of their growth during this bull market Even though LIvepeer is significantly smaller than Theta, this also means that it has much more room to grow as a project and as a cryptocurrency.


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