Polkadot: What's Up With DOT?! Potential in 2022!!

Feb 17, 2022

Hey Guys,

If you're subscribed to my weekly newsletter you'll know that I was planning a Polkadot update this week.

Well, here it is!

It's only been a few months since I last covered the project, but a lot has happened since then so I figured it was a good time to see what it all means for DOT.

As a DOT holder, I've been a bit surprised by how poorly it has performed compared to other cryptos since November. The crypto market as a whole has been down of course, but there are additional factors that I forgot to take into account that I cover in the video.

On the bright side, it looks like 2022 could be a big year for DOT. Polkadot's first 11 parachains will be plugged in by early March, and this could create lots of demand for DOT in all the dApps these parachains will introduce. Polkadot itself will also be entering a new phase... 2.0.

The only thing that I'm really concerned about is competition from other crypto projects in terms of developers and interoperability. Solana, Near Protocol, and Cosmos all come to mind here, but Polkadot has a unique feature unlike any other crypto project that I cover at the end.

Be sure to stick around until the end to find out why that is, and why I'm still bullish on DOT!


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