Sandbox Game is INSANE!! SAND Price Potential??

Nov 16, 2021

Markets be damned, It's time for a new video folks!

And this is one that has been highly requested especially after my video last week on Decentraland.

So today, I have a video on the sandbox for you!

The Sandbox has actually been around for a while. It started off as a mobile game in 2012 and managed to attract over 40 million users. The founders of the game got interested in crypto during the last bull market, and they realised they could take their mobile game to the next level by turning every in-game item into an NFT on Ethereum.

Even though The Sandbox has yet to launch to the public, all of its core components are in place: in-game assets, land, an editor that allows you to create both, and even a software that lets you create in-game tasks and quests on the land that you own.

And of course there's the SAND token which is the in-game currency, and has been rallying like crazy over the last couple of weeks. This isn't just because of Facebook either.

The Sandbox has seen a lot of development over the last few months, and it looks like everything is finally starting to come together. They've secured some super solid partnerships from gaming companies like Ubisoft, seen a lot of funding from visionary investment firms like Softbank, and The Sandbox NFTs are some of the most traded in cryptocurrency. To top it all off, SAND has some solid tokenomics.

The Sandbox is supposed to go live any day now, and their roadmap suggests they're a bit behind schedule here. This might have to do with their recent Polygon integration which will see their existing Ethereum smart contracts brought over and new DeFi related smart contracts created.

The Sandbox has a super ambitious roadmap for the next two years, and though I do have my concerns, the team knows exactly what they're doing.

The Sandbox could be a game changer for gaming, so this is a video you don't want to miss!


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