SBF ARRESTED!! LIFE Behind Bars?! Here's What Could Happen!

Dec 17, 2022

Hey Guys,

This was one of the craziest weeks in crypto - and I know that this saying is getting old.

But this is the week when we all saw Sam Bankman Fried led out of a courtroom in handcuffs. A day that many of us thought that we would never see happen. If there was any doubt that SBF would be treated with kid-gloves, that was dispelled when the charges were released.

He is being hit with nearly every financial crime charge in the book. Not only from the SEC, CFTC but also the DOJ. The charges from the DOJ are some of the most serious and could see SBF sent to prison for over 115 years!

However, this still raised several questions about his arrest. For example, why did they do it the day before he was meant to testify in Congress? And are prosecutors eyeing up any co-conspirators? Could this investigation ensnare others in the crypto space? And what could it mean for crypto regulations?

This is all covered in my video today. I take you through all of the charges and explain exactly what they could mean for Sam. I also break down some of the most egregious allegations that some of you may not have known about.

This was one of the most interesting breakdowns so far, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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