SBF Trial Update With Tiffany Fong! Not Looking Good For Sam

Nov 02, 2023

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Today we reach the conclusion of SBF's trial - and has it been something special. 

It seems quite clear that our friend Sam hasn't been able to talk his way out of this one as the prosecution has masterfully broken down his case. 

One of the people that has been present at the trial has been none other than Tiffiny Fong. Indeed, she has been one of the first people to get full access to Sam and has even been able to visit his house on multiple occasions during house arrest. 

However, unlike Michael Lewis, her coverage hasn't been to heap praise on him. It's been honest and straightforward. 

I was lucky enough to interview Tiffany this weekend and they talked about everything from the trial so far. 

This was before Sam's testimony this week - so we added a bit of our analysis around.


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