TOP 5 BEST Crypto Podcasts: Listen To These!!

Dec 18, 2021

Hey Guys,

As some of you will know, I am an avid fan of podcasts. I listen to them constantly. When travelling into work, when on the road with travel.

They are an especially helpful distraction from the craziness of the crypto market...

Well, that depends what kind of podcast you are listening to!

That's because there are loads of really interesting crypto podcasts out there. Many of which are on my most played list on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

What I find most compelling about crypto podcasts is that there is less of the general "noise" that you find on other mediums like Twitter or YouTube.

Moreover, there are some amazing crypto discussions that have taken place in the podcast space. Those that have left me even more mind blown about the long term potential of crypto, Defi & NFTs.

So, I thought it was only fitting that I did a video that looked at some of those. I take you guys through 5 of my most favourite podcasts.

I have also curated the list such that there is something here for everyone. Whether you are a Bitcoin Maxi or a Defi Degen. Or whether you just want some high-level beginner's guides or in-depth discussions.

I should also point out that these are in no way exclusive and there are plenty of podcasts that are not covered here which I also find to be worth a listen - so there will be an update to this at some point.

So, enjoy the video guys!

P.S. Enjoy the disclaimer 🦘🇦🇺


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► Unchained:
► What Bitcoin Did:
► The Defiant:
► The Pomp Podcast:
► The Missing Crypto Queen:


🤔 No Best Podcast 🤔

Here’s the truth: every podcast has a different flavour and focuses on different things. We all have different interests when it comes to the vast universe of cryptocurrencies. So yep, the title of best crypto podcast is merely an opinion.

🔗 Unchained 🔗

This one is hosted by Laura Shin who is a former editor at Forbes and was actually the first journalist from the mainstream media to cover crypto full time. But what does this podcast focus on? Well, Unchained covers a really broad range of subjects - so perfect for those that want to broaden their crypto horizons. Recent topics look at the role of investors in a decentralised world, then you have an episode with some of the biggest names in crypto and their personal philosophy on philanthropy and you have more tokenomics based content. The point is that a huge range of topics are explored here.

₿ What Bitcoin Did ₿

This show is brought to you by Peter McCormack. This chap essentially consists of Peter chatting with some of the smartest minds in crypto about BTC. What differentiates this podcast is how it somehow appeals to both people with a passing interest in Bitcoin and crypto veterans too - not an easy circle to square. To give you an idea of the variety on offer here, recent episodes cover topics about current global macroeconomics, then you have several episodes exploring what is happening with BTC in El Salvador. Those that love data and metrics will not be disappointed here, a recent episode talks all about that with top on-chain analyst Willy Woo. You even have episodes focusing on crypto legislation too.

🤑 The Defiant 🤑

This one is brought to us by Camila Russo and focuses on DeFi. Cami honestly does a great job in covering almost every element of the defi world. That includes a bunch of episodes all about NFTs, NFT trading, talks with people from major asset management firms and even play-to-earn games. So yep, if you are interested in learning more about DeFi, exploring new angles in this crypto sub niche and learning about emerging DeFi investment trends, then you are going to want to tune into this podcast.

💪 The Pomp Podcast 💪

This podcast is brought to us by Anthony Pompliano, who manages a pretty hefty investment portfolio of about half a billion dollars. He also has a wildly popular newsletter, runs a popular Youtube channel and has one of the biggest crypto Twitter accounts out there. Also, he runs a top crypto podcast too. This show kinda sits at the intersection of finance, technology economics and entrepreneurship - so if you have a broad range of interests then this is the one for you. A recent episode more focused on the financial side of things would be ‘Bringing Decentralized Technology to public markets’ with Russell Starr. That one covers public markets, regulation, equity, debt markets, balance sheet management and more. Then you have more macro episodes about the broader economy and more economic focused topics with guys like Peter Schiff - that gold bug. Budding entrepreneurs are also served here too, with episodes on the acquisition of boring businesses and how to build a scalable service company.

👸 The Missing Crypto Queen 👸

This 9 part series is several years old. However, this real crime story follows Dr Ruja Ignatova and her One Coin pyramid scheme - a $4 billion Ponzi scheme. The story serves as a cautionary tale of the dangers of being seduced by the dark side of crypto and how you should definitely ask questions when things look too good to be true!

🥳 Top Upcoming Podcast 🥳

Watch my vid for more details!

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