WATCH OUT For These Events!! Good, Bad & Ugly!!

Aug 26, 2021

📃Black Swan: Infrastructure Bill📃

Although the Treasury Department has noted that cryptocurrency miners, validators and wallet developers won’t be required to abide by the bill’s tax reporting rule, we won’t know for sure until the rubber hits the road, and that makes the infrastructure bill a potential black swan

⚖Black Swan: SEC Crypto Regulations⚖

SEC chairman Gary Gensler has been itching to go after crypto projects in the name of investor protection, and the only thing stopping him is resources Gary has been pressing politicians to give the SEC the power to do just that, but they seem to be a bit tied up with recess and those two multi-trillion-dollar spending packages at the moment

📉Black Swan: Stock Market Crash📉

A crash across the board is something that stock market experts have been warning about for weeks now. In case you didn’t know, this would also be devastating for crypto

💳White Swan: Companies Accepting Crypto💳

Like the B-Word event announcement in June, the possibility that Tesla could reverse course on BTC payments has seemingly fallen down the memory hole of most retail investors. When this announcement inevitably comes, it’s likely that other companies like Apple and Amazon could follow

💰White Swan: Companies Buying Crypto💰

One of these happened recently, and that was Coinbase’s announcement that they will be purchasing 500 million dollars’ worth of crypto and allocating 10 percent of their future profits into their favorite coins and tokens. Fidelity’s clients also want to allocate some of their 10 trillion dollars to crypto

📅White Swan: Cryptocurrency Upgrades, Events, Announcements📅

Even though futures backed ETFs won’t have the same effect on crypto prices as crypto backed ETFs, the hype alone could take many coins and tokens to new all-time highs, including BTC and ETH ADA is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has already pushed past its previous all-time highs, and this is because of Cardano’s upcoming smart contracts which will go live on September 12th DOT could soon do the same given that Polkdot’s parachain slot auctions should be beginning any day now Even LTC could soon rally out of the hole because of the Mimblewimble privacy layer Litecoin developers are currently finalizing

😱Will The Crypto Market Crash In September?😱

The short answer is that this seems to be the case, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be entering a bear market after that. Many of the black swans I mentioned today might not occur in the expected timeframes, and some of them may not even occur at all.


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