What’s Going On In CRYPTO?! This Report REVEALS It ALL!!

Aug 07, 2023

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Q2 was an eventful period in the crypto space. Everything from SEC shenanigans to ETF filings. Protocol upgrades to stable coin struggles. Crazy rallies to tumultuous dumps.

In short, it was one of the most interesting quarters in crypto's long history - and that says a lot.

Recently, the folks over at Coin Gecko have released their comprehensive summary of what went down in Q2. Not only do they take us through some of the most important developments for the quarter, but they also highlight some interesting events that
you may not have known about.

50,in today's video, we are going to break down this report and bring you some of the most important items that were highlighted. We will also give you some of our own commentary around these developments as well as what it could mean for this coming quarter.

This is a vid you don't want to miss! 


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