Who is Guy?

Who is Guy

Guy first became aware of Bitcoin in 2013, when he noticed that his local pub in Hackney, East London was accepting it as payment. Intrigued, he started to read everything he could find about it and his love affair with crypto was born.

Guy Pub

Guy at His Local Hackney Pub

His interest in finance had started early when his father, an accountant, explained to him how the stock market worked. He showed how, when used smartly, money could be made to work instead of just sitting in a bank account waiting to be spent.

Guy Young

Back when Guy Wanted to work in the City

After reading English at university, Guy bounced between various jobs. He spent time as a writer, editor, teacher and even appeared a few times as an actor in 'things unlikely to trouble the Oscars committee.' His interest in finance and investing never waned, but he avoided working in a sector he always felt to be deeply flawed.

Guy Uni Class

Shakespeare or Crypto? To “B” or not to “B”?

This was confirmed in 2008 when the global financial crisis revealed the true extent of the corruption and recklessness that had infected the financial sector. In 2011 he read an interview with Alistair Darling, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2008. In it, Darling revealed how close Britain's banks had come to the brink and how the country had been only hours away from running out of money completely. At that point Guy realised that the current financial system wasn't just broken, it was completely unfit for purpose. So when he heard about Bitcoin, he was hooked. He scoured the internet for information about it and, after consulting a more computer-literate friend, bought some coins.

Guy Texas

Guy checking his blockfolio in the early days.

His experience with stocks and shares told him that a buy-and-hold strategy was his best course of action, though he admits to having spent 'quite a few coins' down the pub. When two friends then announced they were starting Coin Bureau, Guy pestered to join the team. He was one of the first writers on the website and many of the site's earliest educational pieces were written by him.

Guy Couch

Guy Officially joins team Coin Bureau

Then, in 2018, he floated the idea of a YouTube channel. Some old skills served him well on and off camera and the team began filming.

Here's a video of Guy being interviewed about the founding of Coin Bureau and his background in crypto.