Top 10 Best Crypto Gifts in 2023

Last updated: Oct 12, 2023
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Christmas is coming… Is it just me, or does it feel like the holiday season is always “just around the corner?”

If you are anything like me, I have little interest in the lame presents I usually get, (I hope my mom isn’t reading this). Like, another pair of sports socks, really? Last year I got a frying pan… I don’t even cook. Do these people know me at all? 🙄

Yes, it's true that a lot of the gifts we get end up either collecting dust, being re-gifted, or being dropped off in charity or second-hand shops.

But, for the crypto enthusiast out there, there is nothing cooler than cryptocurrency presents and crypto-themed gifts, but for someone who doesn’t know much about crypto, it can be difficult to know what kind of crypto gifts to get for someone who is into that scene.

No worries, because in this article I am going to cover some of the best crypto Christmas presents and crypto gifts that are sure to tickle the fancy of the crypto enthusiast in your life.

Crypto Presents
 Crypto up the Holiday Season With Some Crypto Gifts. Image via Shutterstock

Want to Shop for Crypto Gifts but Don’t Know Much About Crypto?

If you are someone who is not overly into crypto but is shopping for someone who is, a very brief bit of background info about the key reasons why some people are crypto fanatics may be helpful.

We can think of crypto as being similar to a club. Just as a sports league has many different teams and fans for different teams, crypto has multiple different projects, each with its own die-hard fan base.

Keep this in mind if selecting a specific token-themed present. If someone is a huge Cardano fan, but dislikes Solana, getting them a Solana gift would be about as well received as buying them a pair of used smelly socks with holes in them.

If you have no idea which crypto project they are into, it is best to steer clear of any gifts that are single-coin focused, or a safe bet is to just go with a Bitcoin theme. Pretty much everyone who is into crypto loves Bitcoin as it is the granddaddy token of them all, and without it, there would be no crypto. Bitcoin is kind of like the holy bible of the crypto scene…In Satoshi, We Trust 🙏

Satoshi Statue
 Anonymous Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Statue in Prague. A Shrine for Crypto Worshippers. Image via Shutterstock

Many gifts featured here are multi-coin themed, indicated by all the different logos and colours seen. These are normally a safe bet if you are unsure of someone’s favourite token.

Crypto enthusiasts are often seeking a path that will lead to true financial freedom, not just in a wealth sense, but by trusting a monetary system that is not controlled through dictatorial, authoritarian rule, as our current financial system is. This is a utopian vision that is only possible through decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Though I compared crypto fans to fans of sports teams, it is more than that. Crypto is a movement, it is a revolution where holders desire repairs to the incredibly broken and corrupt legacy financial, industrial, and even in some cases, governmental systems that are in place today.

So yeah, people are pretty passionate about crypto, which is why a crypto gift can strike at the very ethos of a person. Talk about a powerfully delightful present to receive. A crypto present also shows that you care about someone’s passion, making you look good 😉

Crypto gifts can be a great way to show off your membership to the “crypto club,” and show your allegiance to your favourite coin or project beyond simply being an investor. It can also be a great way to spread the word among the uninitiated.

crypto sweaters
 Have an Ugly Sweater Party to go to? Show Your Crypto Allegiance in Ugly Sweater Style. Image via Hodlmoon

As a hodler myself, one of my favourite motivations for sending crypto gifts is for those in my circle who are newer in the space, or who do not take crypto safety seriously.

I had a friend who kept all his coins on an exchange…and not even a good one. For months, I was like “Hey, you should reeeaaallllyyy self-custody your crypto.” Then three weeks later I would nag, “Hey, have you moved your coins off that exchange yet?” His response was always something along the lines of “Yeah, I have been meaning to, just haven’t gotten around to it yet”

This went on for nearly a year, and as he is my buddy and I care about him, I felt like his over-protective mother trying to help him do what was best for him. So, what did I do? Well, for his birthday, I got him a Trezor hardware wallet and even helped him set it up. Boom, crypto secured.

Then after that, I directed him to the Coin Bureau Deals page where he got a sweet $600 sign-up bonus to Binance and a 20% fee discount for life, ditching his previous dodgy exchange and getting some cash while moving to a far more reputable and secure crypto exchange. Win-Win!


Once upon a time, there weren’t that many options if you wanted a Bitcoin t-shirt or any other piece of crypto-themed merchandise for that matter. That has changed. As crypto’s popularity heads moonward, more and more merch is hitting the web and there’s now a whole lotta choice out there. I’ve seen Bitcoin lamps, countdown timers to the next halving, Bitcoin earrings, Ethereum facemasks, and all sorts of stuff! So much in fact, that it can even be a little overwhelming.

That’s why the team here at the Coin Bureau has been sitting down and choosing our favourite bits of crypto merch to share with you. With so much out there it can be difficult to know where to look and, let’s face it, there’s good and bad to be had. So, whether you’re looking to treat yourself, or trying to find the perfect gift to put a smile on someone’s face, we got you covered with our top 10 best bits of crypto merch for the year ahead.

Top Crypto Gifts

1: Coin Bureau Hoodies

Okay, okay, so we’re shamelessly kicking things off with some of our own swag, as modelled by the man himself on our channel. You have to admit though, they look pretty damn nice. I wouldn’t be promoting our own stuff if it was 💩

Coin Bureau Hoodies
 Just Some of the Coin Bureau Hoodies Available in the Coin Bureau Merch Store

We have put a great amount of time and effort into sourcing some of the best digital artists like Magusz, and finding the highest quality suppliers out there to make sure our merch is second to none. Though I may be slightly biased, I do feel we have some of the nicest crypto clothes on the market.

In fact, every time we get a new shipment in, our own team members are often our first customers, and when I wear my Coin Bureau merch out, it isn’t uncommon to have folks comment and ask where I got it.

Our range of hoodies are perfect as we get into the winter months to help keep warm and drive away the winter blues. Thanks to these cosy little numbers, it’s now possible to walk the frozen streets and spread the good word about crypto at the same time.

Crypto Sweater
 A Coin Bureau hoodie. Get the Guy Look at The Coin Bureau Store

The hoodies are made from a mixture of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which gives them a beautifully soft feel while keeping the cold out. There’s a range of prints available and new designs are being added all the time. All of Coin Bureau’s merch sales go towards supporting the channel, helping to keep our content top-quality and ad-free. There’s perhaps no better way of sticking it to the Man and looking fly all at the same time.

Get Your Coin Bureau Hoodie!

When we first rolled out these hoodies and they made their debut on our merch site and the channel, they attracted so much attention and sold out almost instantly. We were quite shocked! Surprised at what a massive hit they were, we ramped up our supply efforts so our crypto fans could get their hands on these hot items in time before the weather gets cold.

2: Coin Bureau T-shirts

If you are one of those folks lucky enough to live in a warm climate or want to sport crypto merch year-round, no worries, we also got you covered (literally) with crypto t-shirts for guys and gals. We made sure to stick to the same epic artwork and high-quality design as our hoodies when creating our line-up of t-shirts.

Let’s face it, there are so many crypto-related t-shirts available online ranging from good to bad, to the outright wtf-inspiring. When we were designing our range of Coin Bureau t-shirts, we wanted them to stand out from the crowd. It’s also a little-known fact that Guy himself is incredibly fussy when it comes to what he wears in his videos (this may sound hard to believe, but trust me, it’s true).

He was firmly attached to the classic Coin Bureau logo t-shirt and rejected several other designs that were suggested. He then took it upon himself to design some himself – many of these are the ones you’ll see in his videos and on our merch site. A man of many talents he is.

Guy Coin Bureau
 Guy Pretending to Work While Sporting One of The Classic Coin Bureau T-Shirts

Going back to the graphics and design, seriously, just look at the Cardano spaceman t-shirt (image below: top left). I am such a fan of this fantastic artwork that I actually have it as a poster on my wall and the matching shirt.

coin bureau t shirts
 A Few of the T-Shirts Available in the Coin Bureau Merch Store

These t-shirts are a blend of polyester and 100% organic cotton and feature a range of artwork on the front, with the Coin Bureau logo on the back of the neck.

Get Your Coin Bureau T-Shirt!

As a company that provides education and information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, it just wouldn’t be right if the only way to buy any of our Coin Bureau merchandise was with dirty fiat. That’s why we give you the option of paying with BTC and ETH too if you want an exclusively crypto experience.

3: Bitcoin Poster and Crypto Art

Remember the classic Obama artwork by artist Shepard Fairey that was everywhere back in 2008? The posters featured a picture of the man himself, and above him were words like ‘hope’, ‘change’ and ‘progress’. Obama may be gone from the White House, but those words now seem even more applicable to Bitcoin.

That’s why we love this poster from artist Quote Artisan that mirrors Fairey’s famous colour scheme and is a must for any discerning hodler.

Bitcoin Art work
 Bitcoin: Yes We Can. Image via Etsy

The posters come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit whichever space you have that is in need of a bit of classy crypto artwork.

Etsy actually has an incredible selection of crypto-themed artwork from various artists that you can choose from. Doing a quick search, these were a few that I found by simply searching “Crypto Art” that I really like.

crypto art

These pieces can be found on Etsy:

Some of these suppliers even offer free delivery depending on your country of residence. I am a huge fan of crypto art, and Etsy is one of the best places I’ve found for brilliant designs.

4: Recovery Phrase/Seed Phrase Protector

If crypto artwork makes a bit too much of a loud statement for you, this next gift idea is a little quieter and more elegant. Art can be a risky gift, I get it. It is such a personal thing, and unless you know someone’s personal taste incredibly well, it can be a gamble.

seed wallet.jpg
Keep That Seed Phrase Safe With the Seed Wallet from the Coin Bureau Merch Store

This Seed Wallet makes a great gift because it is something that nearly every crypto holder can benefit from and use. This extremely handy and useful piece of kit is suitable for anyone who stores cryptocurrency in any kind of hardware or software wallet.

Regardless of what coins someone likes, or their taste in art or clothing, you can’t go wrong with a seed phrase protector as this is one of those universally needed items in the crypto space.

Engraving a wallet’s recovery phrase in a metal wallet like the one shown above is a great way to ensure that vital piece of information is kept safe from fires, floods, and wears and tears. Let’s face it, writing something that important down on something as fragile as a piece of paper doesn’t cut it.

While the Seed Wallet shown above is our very own product, there are alternatives if you prefer a different style. Here are some of the ones offered by hardware wallet companies Trezor and Ledger:

seed phrase protectors

  • Seed Wallet- From the Coin Bureau
  • CryptoSteel Capsule- From Ledger
  • The Billfodl- From Ledger
  • Cryptosteel Casset- From Trezor

Don’t sweat if you aren’t sure which is the right one to choose as they all essentially do the same thing and come with instructions so you can’t go wrong.

Get Your Seed Phrase Protector!

Whoever you gift this to will be grateful that you are taking an interest in their crypto safety, and who knows, your gift may even one day save them from losing access to all their crypto. Wouldn’t you look like a hero then?

5: Cryptoart Premium Artwork

I know I already mentioned crypto art, but I don’t feel like I did the crypto art industry justice by only recommending Etsy. If you are looking for something a little more “edgy” with some incredible designs and imagery, you will likely find something you will love on

crypto art
 Beautiful Crypto Art Can be found at

The artwork featured on this site is from a small group of highly skilled artists with a passion for crypto. What is really cool is that these art pieces can be transferred back and forth between the physical and the digital world in the form of NFTs. As an NFT, it can be burned to be transferred back into the physical world and minted back into an NFT. Basically, you can show these pieces off in your virtual home in the metaverse, or your real living room.

If you are not such a fan of digital art prints, then you may also want to check out Artoshi, an artist who uses paint on canvas.

Shop For Crypto Art!

By the way, if you’re an artist yourself and fancy working with us here at the Bureau, then why not get in touch with us to talk about a collaboration? We’re always on the lookout for new talent to work with and promote and we’d love to hear from like-minded creatives.

Contact details can be found in the About section of our YouTube channel, or you could reach out to Coin Bureau Recruiting. Who knows, maybe Guy himself could soon be squeezing himself into one of your designs…

6: Crypto Research Subscriptions

There are a lot of research and analytic sites available for crypto hodlers to conduct in-depth research on things like tokens, on-chain metrics, sentiment analysis, technical analysis, all the way to sites that thoroughly cover macro and micro-economic conditions that may have an impact on crypto.

We happen to have an article on the best crypto research tools, but if you know someone who thoroughly enjoys “nerding out” over crypto and is always researching new projects, then they might really appreciate a subscription to some of the top crypto analytic sites available.

The first one I would recommend is Glassnode for on-chain market intelligence research:

 Image via

In my opinion, Glassnode is one of the best analytical platforms to conduct on-chain and market research. Glassnode is often used by firms such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and even us here at the Coin Bureau when we are conducting research.

There is a free limited version or $29 per month will provide you with access to the full platform.

For those into technical and sentiment analysis, and for folks who enjoy reading reports that cover the entire crypto industry, my top choice would be Messari Pro

messari pro
 Image via Messari

Messari is one of the most professionally trusted crypto analytics companies in the world and has become the gold standard for data-driven insights and analysis trusted by major firms and professional crypto traders.

Much of the Messari platform can be accessed for free. Even the free version is an incredibly powerful tool for research, but to unlock the full subscription you’re looking at $24.99 per month. Messari is my saving grace. Rarely does a day go by where I don’t consult the platform for research about something crypto-related.

Two other notable mentions are Santiment, which covers pretty much every angle of crypto analytics, and LunarCrush which is #1 in the industry for crypto social analytics.

Purchasing a subscription for the crypto lover in your life could be a great way to not only show that you support them in their interests but also provide them with tools to help them on their adventure.

7: Crypto Coffee Cup

The world has changed quite dramatically over the past few years, with many of us now working from home. For those of you who are like me, my day usually starts off blurry-eyed, bed-headed and squinting at my phone checking the crypto markets. Though none of it really makes much sense until I have had my first cup of hot magic bean goodness.

For us crypto folk who love coffee and tea, a crypto mug is a must-have. When crypto prices are down and anti-crypto rhetoric is up, sometimes it helps to hug a crypto mug for reassurance, take a breath and remind yourself about why you’re in this.

crypto mug
 Enjoy Your Coffee in Style With a Coin Bureau Crypto Mug
  • Show Your Support for the Future of Web3 and Finance with an Ethereum-Themed Mug (Image Above: Left)
  • Because Crypto is About More Than Just Ethereum, Enjoy Your Morning Brew With This Crypto-Themed Mug (Image Above: Right)

Personally, I’m a fan of the black multi-coin crypto coffee cup. As much as I like the Ethereum mug, I want a little Bitcoin and Monero reminder in the morning as I pour myself a cup of ambition and get a dose of encouragement that the future is going to be multi-chain and there is more than just Ethereum undertaking the colossal mission of making the world a better place.

Shop For Crypto Mugs!

Can you really call yourself a crypto enthusiast if you aren’t starting the day off with a crypto mug? Let a crypto mug fuel your passion for crypto while the caffeine fuels you!

8: Crypto Pillow

After a long day of scouring through market data and burying yourself in a massive 42-page whitepaper… Yes, I’m looking at you, Star Atlas, a nap can be pretty sweet and well-deserved.

True story, after spending about three days getting my head around the economic complexities and imagining the endless scope of the possibilities of the Star Atlas metaverse, even my crypto coffee mug, refilled for the thousandth time, wasn’t enough to keep me going. Midway through the article, I laid down for a 10-minute power nap on my Bitcoin pillow.

crypto pillows
 Sit Back, Relax, and Strap in Before Taking a Nap on The “To The Moon” Crypto Pillows at

That 10-minute nap turned into 3 hours, and it will forever be remembered as one of the best naps of my life. I’m not much of the napping type so was surprised at how deeply I zonked out.

I will admit that these crypto pillows are pretty nerdy, but I love them. I have a Bitcoin and an Ethereum one and they are always a great conversational piece for when guests come over. Most people recognize the Bitcoin logo even if they are no-coiners, and as soon as they see the pillow they often ask about Bitcoin. Once they ask, then the way is paved for me to orange-pill them and tell them about the magic of crypto.

Cozy up your home with some crypto pillows. Cuddling up with one of these pillows with a warm beverage in a crypto mug makes the winter weather outside now not seem so bad.

The Crypto Merch Site has crypto-themed merchandise for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, IOTA, NANO, Steem, Vitra and Zilliqa.

9: Crypto Socks, Swimwear, and Accessories

T-shirts and hoodies are all well and good, but what about when you are on vacation and looking to soak up some sun? Don’t worry, we’ve got the gear you need to strut your stuff on the beach with our crypto swim shorts.

And I know I said that socks can make a pretty lame gift, but I was referring to those plain white boring socks, nothing says I’m a die-hard crypto fan quite like these epic crypto socks!

crypto gifts
 These Are Just Some of the Crypto Accessories You Can Find in the Coin Bureau Merch Store

These socks were a hit with the crew at the Coin Bureau. They are such a funny and unique crypto gift idea, I think we sold out of these within the first couple of weeks mainly because our team bought most of the stock for ourselves and loved ones. But don’t worry, we’ve since restocked ten-fold.

If white swim shorts aren’t your colour, or perhaps you’re looking for a Bitcoin-themed bikini, sandals, or an impressive range of crypto-themed clothes, you could also check out crypto products on Amazon.

Bitcoin Bikini
Bitcoin Bikini's Can be Found on Amazon. Image via Amazon Brand: SONGTINGDMPO

Amazon is a great place to go to find some more unusual items of merch with designs you won’t find elsewhere.

If you want a wider range of all sorts of crypto-themed accessories, even wacky stuff like a Solana Dog Bowl, you may also be interested in checking out Zazzle.

Shop For Crypto Accessories!

As someone who lives in a sunny climate myself and lives in sandals year-round, I can’t wait to get my hands on some crypto footwear. When you’re sporting your crypto swimsuit, be sure to keep an eye out as you may run into the person of your dreams and experience love at first sight as they walk by in a Bitcoin bikini or trunks 😉

10: Bitcoin Ice Cube and Baking Tray

Image this scenario: You cash out right at the top of the next bull run and find yourself a new crypto millionaire, so you decide to host a party with your closest friends to celebrate. How can you throw a bangin’ party in crypto style?

Bitcoin Ice Cubes
 Make mine a double. Image via Etsy

How about some Bitcoin ice cubes and crypto-themed baked goods, an understated ode to what made your new lavish lifestyle possible without flaunting it.

Whether or not I become a crypto millionaire someday, as soon as I upgrade from my current apartment to a place with a backyard, I hope to throw one heck of a housewarming party and I won’t be able to resist handing my friends crisp gin and tonics with some Bitcoin ice cubes. Talk about a conversation starter!

If I do get rich from crypto someday, I won’t rub it in anyone’s face or say “I told you so” to all the Bitcoin skeptics I’ve met over the years, but when we are chilling in my mansion, how great would it be to ever so subtly drop some Bitcoin ice cubes into their drink and let them know without saying a word that my crypto conviction paid off. Who's laughing now, eh?

What if they don’t like ice in their drink? No problem, you can make the same subtle point by handing them one of these Bitcoin coasters to protect your new fine mahogany table:

bitcoin coaster
 A Fine Selection of Bitcoin Coasters are Available at Zazzle

Etsy and Zazzle have a whole load of weird and wonderful crypto-related merch. While I’m not much of a baker and am more excited about the ice cube tray and coasters, next time I go to a pot-luck gathering and need to bring some food, if I’m just gonna end up burning some brownies anyway, they may as well at least be Bitcoin brownies. This ice cube and cookie-making set might be the best 12 bucks I’ve ever spent.

Bonus Gift Idea: The Ultimate Step in Crypto Safety

If you know someone who is into crypto but has not yet taken the most important step in protecting their funds, they may just need a little nudge in the right direction.

In our comprehensive articles and multiple videos on How to Keep Your Crypto Safe, our followers know that at the Coin Bureau, we preach the gospel of self-custody and the importance of hardware wallets.

hardware wallets
 Trezor (Top Left), Ledger (Top Right) and NGRAVE ZERO (Bottom) Hardware wallets.

Seriously, as any crypto veteran who has been around the block a time or two will attest to, hardware wallets are the #1 best way to sleep soundly at night knowing that your crypto is protected and out of the reach of hackers.

I’ve only ever given hardware wallets as a gift twice, but I have to say, the smiles on the faces of my friends when they unwrapped the box and how grateful they were made the investment into these slightly expensive pieces of kit worth it. While hardware wallets won’t make the best Secret Santa gift with a $10 spending limit, if there is someone you care about and don’t mind shelling out a bit of extra cash, I cannot think of a better gift for a crypto enthusiast.

There are 3 hardware wallets that I recommend, and we have dedicated reviews for all three of them if you want to learn more about them:

Trezor- Best for multi-coin storage and an easy-to-use interface, great for beginners. Get Your Trezor Today!

Ledger- Best for Web3 and DApp integration. You can use our Ledger Link or enter the code LedgerLive-Bureau when checking out to get an exclusive 20% discount! Nice!

NGRAVE ZERO- Next-generation crypto wallet. Best for fans of touch screens and NFT viewing. This is also the most secure crypto wallet ever created. Shoppers who check out with the code COINBUREAU or purchase through our NGRAVE Link will enjoy a 10% discount. Can’t put a price on peace of mind!

Fun Pick 🎉: You know that hilarious party card game Cards Against Humanity? That game that leaves you and your friends laughing so hard you cry and feeling a little disturbed about your sense of humour? Well, Wagmigifts has created a crypto version perfect for the crypto nerds in your life who are in need of a good laugh. This game would be a huge hit within crypto circles and events.


And that’s a wrap for our top choices for crypto gifts. While not everyone is into crypto, those of us who are, are typically very enthusiastic and passionate about all things crypto-related. That is why crypto-themed items make the perfect gifts for hodlers.

Also, by shopping at the Coin Bureau merch store, you are doing your part in helping to support us as we spread the word and educate the world about crypto and safe crypto use. If you believe crypto can make the world a better place, by picking up crypto gifts, you are doing your part to advance the cause and make the world a bit better. Nice move!

Tayler McCracken

Providing financial education to those who need it most has always been a passion of mine. While working as a Financial Advisor, I had my eyes opened to the world of crypto and its potential to help make the world a better place. I believe that blockchain technology can build a brighter future and am excited to be part of it. 




Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

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