Mobile Crypto Wallets: TOP 5 BEST For 2021!!

Aug 25, 2021

❓ Why Use A Mobile Wallet? ❓

Here’s the deal; most crypto newcomers buy that crypto on an exchange and simply leave it there. Yes, that is convenient. But it is a terrible idea. That’s because you have more or less handed over your crypto to the exchange - they hold your private keys. The truth is that numerous exchanges have been hacked in the past. Sometimes users get reimbursed, other times they don’t. But how do you protect yourself from that? By holding your own private keys. You can do that by storing your crypto on a mobile crypto wallet.

1️⃣ Coinomi 1️⃣

This wallet has been around since 2014 - eons in cryptoland. In all that time, no Coinomi wallet has ever been hacked or compromised. That’s incredible when you consider that Coinomi is the oldest multi-chain wallet out there. Coinomi supports over 125 blockchains and nearly 1,800 assets. So even the most exotic altcoin dabbler can probably store their coins here. ERC-721 NFTs are also supported and so are blockchain domains too. The wallet is also packed full of privacy features too. There is no KYC, they don’t save IP addresses, there is no identity linking and transactions are not tracked. Coinomi servers also anonymise your requests - no snooping here. It also has an inbuilt crypto exchange.

2️⃣ Exodus Wallet 2️⃣

This is the most beautiful crypto wallet I have seen and I doubt you’ll find a better looking one out there. All that makes it super easy for you to monitor your portfolio at just a glance and do that crypto dabbling easily. Even better, you can secure the app with Face or Touch ID and Exodus encrypts both your private keys and transaction data on your phone. Over 130 crypto assets are supported.

3️⃣ Coinbase Wallet 3️⃣

The Coinbase wallet has integrated a plethora of layer two scaling solutions for Ethereum. That includes the Polygon network and Optimism. That’s super useful if you are into DeFi or minting NFTs. It is a way to dodge high transaction fees and long confirmation times. This wallet allows you to take custody of your crypto and hold your private keys. Also, over 500 cryptos are supported here - more than enough support for most people.

4️⃣ Atomic Wallet 4️⃣

This mobile wallet gives Exodus a run for its money in the beauty stakes. It offers an easy way to buy crypto with a bank card. However, it is frankly expensive to do so. Atomic’s main killer feature is the wide variety of coins you can take here and generate passive income. Also, you can store over 300 cryptos here - pretty nice.

5️⃣ Trust Wallet 5️⃣

Trust Wallet supports a staggering 160,000 crypto assets. It also has a fully functioning in-built Web3 browser. This opens up access to a range of different DEX’s and DeFi stuff - useful if that floats your boat. The wallet also supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. This makes it the perfect choice for NFT collectors. Yes, you can stake cryptos here. However, the selection isn’t as wide as Atomic Wallet. Also, Trust Wallet is completely open sourced. This allows anyone to audit the code and leads to higher levels of accountability.

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