TOP 5 Hardware Wallets For SAFE Crypto Storage

Feb 10, 2021

🔒 Ways To Store Crypto 🔒

Here’s the deal: There are quite a few different ways to store crypto, all with their distinct pros and cons Most newbies simply rock onto an exchange, get their crypto and just keep it there. That’s the easy option but here’s the thing; exchanges get hacked pretty often and shady exchanges out there try to steal your crypto. Yes, there are legit exchanges out there. But you still never be 100% sure that your crypto is safe. So, do yourself a favour and get those funds off that exchange There are plenty of wallets out there that allow you to control those private keys. The easiest way to make that happen is to use a free wallet app like Exodus Then you have paper wallets. These are not so convenient or popular these days

❓ What Are Hardware Wallets? ❓

I personally opt for hardware wallets to store my crypto. They are literally the most secure wallets money can buy and are physical devices that come in manner of shapes and sizes. So, why not treat that crypto like the million dollars that it might be one day?

5️⃣ Ledger 5️⃣

I am going to be straight up. I used to use Ledger all the time and it was a great hardware wallet. That was until 272,000 customer addresses, names and phone numbers were hacked and released into the wilds on the internet. People have been scared, scammed and some have probably moved house because of this If you are willing to overlook this lapse then I can say that the Ledger Nano S is a great device that comes in at a very reasonable £55. It allows you to store 1,500 different cryptos. The main drawback is that you can only have three or six apps on the device at once - annoying if you have a massive altcoin portfolio The Ledger Nano X is the upgraded version of the S. It’s got a bigger screen and bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use the device on your mobile. But it is double the price of the S

4️⃣ ColdCard 4️⃣

This wallet allows you to store only Bitcoin. However, it is the most secure hardware wallet I have seen. That security comes at the expense of ease-of-use though

3️⃣ Ellipal Titan 3️⃣

This hardware wallet comes in at $139. But for that money you get amazing build quality, anti-tamper features and it’s completely air-gapped. Oh yes, you can store over 7,000 crypto assets on it too

2️⃣ Keep Key 2️⃣

This is the most economic hardware wallet I've come across and you can get your hands on one for just $49. It’s got an impressively big screen, integrates into ShapeShift and supports over 40 different coins. However, you can store any ERC-20 token on it - so yep, KeepKey supports more cryptos then you might initially think

1️⃣ Trezor 1️⃣

Watch my video to find out why I think Trezor is the best crypto hardware wallet out there. I personally opt to use the Trezor One to keep my personal cryptocurrency safe

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