How to Get Started on Bitget: Step-by-Step Guide

Last updated: Jan 09, 2024
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Bitget is a reputable global crypto exchange. It is one of the fastest-growing exchanges and one of the best platforms for anyone interested in copy trading. The professional-grade spot and futures trading interfaces ensure it is suitable for traders of all skill levels, with the benefit of fiat deposits and withdrawals. The platform could benefit from a better Earn section and updated GroupCoin offers.

Multiple ways to get an account, including connecting with a Web3 wallet.
Solid copy-trading product
Discover the next potential moon-bound project in Launchpad
Proof of Reserves amongst other security measures to safeguard funds.
Scant offering in the Earn program
No longer supports KYC-free trading
Unregulated Exchange

Ask anyone “Which exchange do you use?” and you would likely get Binance, Coinbase, or maybe even OKX, but Bitget might not be an answer that is readily given. That would be normal as it is not as well-known as the big ones with their huge trading and transaction volume. This does not mean that Bitget is anything to be sneezed at. Ranking at #18 in CoinGecko's chart of exchanges, it still commands a respectable 9.6 million monthly visits (Binance: 55 million, Coinbase: 30.1 million) with a 24H volume of  $292 million.  

In this How to Get Started on Bitget guide, we provide a brief overview of what Bitget offers and show how to open an account with them to get started on your trading journey. Experienced traders will also benefit from Bitget's smooth trading interface or can allow their trades to be copied by others and get some extra cash on the side while doing so. If you'd like to learn more about the exchange before jumping in to sign-up for an account, give our dedicated Bitget review a read and see why it has exciting potential.


Best Features of Bitget 

  • Various methods available for Crypto purchases including P2P, third-party, credit cards, Google, and Apple Pay.
  • Zero-fee deposits for GBP and EUR
  • Copy Trading
  • Strategic Trading
  • Up to 125x for Futures Trading
  • Spot Trading
  • Auto-invest and auto-trade with Bots
  • Multiple ways to earn yield

Aside from this guide and our Bitget review, we also have a number of articles that highlight certain aspects of Bitget and how it compares to other well-known exchanges such as KuCoin, OKX, and Bybit: 

If you're sold on the platform and want to sign up, take advantage of an exclusive 20% fee discount for Life and up to a $50k bonus, you can use our Bitget Sign-up Link!

Note: Users located in the US and UK are not supported.

What is Bitget? 

Bitget is a centralised exchange that offers more than 500 spot trading pairs and derivatives trading. Many know and go to Bitget for their copy-trading feature, which is one of the more solid ones in the industry. The platform has a wide array of products and services to suit traders of all risk appetites, some of which we will take a look at a bit later.  

The platform also boasts an impressive roster of partnerships and sponsorships, including Juventus F.C. even managing to score Lionel Messi as their ambassador.

Bitget belongs to the group of exchanges that has their own platform utility token. Known as BGB, the token is used to earn yield through staking, obtain rewards in the BGB Zone, and reduce trading fees on the platform.

Bitget Sign-up Guide
Join Lionel Messi and be part of the Bitget team. Image via Bitget

Bitget Sign-Up Guidelines

All you need to get an account on Bitget through the desktop or mobile app is one of the following: 

  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Google Account
  • Apple ID
  • Telegram ID
  • Metamask wallet 
  • Phantom wallet
  • Bitkeep wallet

Then after selecting one of the above, you will need to add personal info such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address

Then you will need to provide documentation to confirm your identity such as a driver's license, government-issued ID card or passport.

Once you've uploaded all that information and your documents it is time to take a selfie to confirm you match the ID. Once the information has been processed and verified, you're ready to begin trading.

How to Create a Bitget Account on the Desktop

Browse to the Bitget website and select Sign-Up. That brings you to the Welcome screen where you can choose how you want to sign-up. 

How to sign up to Bitget
Take your pick of how you want to log into Bitget. Image via Bitget.

Let's assume you want to sign-up with an email address:

  1. Enter the email address and create a strong password. A password manager would be great if you have one. 
  2. Check the “I have read and agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy” box (only after you've read it to understand the risks).
  3. Select Create Account.
  4. Go through a verification step to prove you're human. 
  5. A verification code will be sent to your email address to confirm your intention to sign-up. 
  6. Check your inbox for the code. If you didn't get it, there's an option for them to resend to you.
  7. Copy or note down the code, return to the sign-up page and paste or enter the code in the given spaces.
  8. Click Submit.

Voila! You have successfully signed up! 

BitGet successful signup
Collect points by logging in daily. Image via Bitget

How to Create a Bitget Account with a Web3 Wallet

  • Select Connect Wallet on the welcome page.
  • A pop-up window appears asking you to select MetaMask or Bitkeep. Selecting MetaMask may bring up another choice, such as Phantom wallet. 
  • Choose the wallet you want to connect with and enter the password. 
  • It will ask for permission to access your wallet's balance and view transactions. Click Connect to continue. 
  • Click Approve to sign the Signature Request

 You also have the option to connect to an existing Bitget account instead of creating a new one.

BitGet Wallet Connect
Connect your Web3 wallet with Bitget and jump into action! Image via Bitget.

How to Create a Bitget Account on the Mobile App

Visit either Google Play or Apple Store to install the Bitget app on your phone or tablet.   

  • Open the app on your device to get started. You can skip the tutorial or go through it to get an idea of what the app offers.
  • Click on the person icon in the top left corner. 
  • This brings you to the Welcome page where you have the choice of logging in or signing up. This time, I will log in using my Google account. 
  • Select the Google icon.
  • Select the Google account you want to be associated with Bitget. You may be required to enter your Google password.
  • Complete the verification to prove you're human.
  • Select the Sign-Up button. 
  • Do the human verification step again.


Bitget Mobile Sign Up
Bring your trading with you on the go with Bitget Mobile. Image via Google Playstore

How Long Does Verification Take on Bitget?

In order to achieve Bitget verification, you will need to provide a government-issued ID like a driver's license, valid passport, or something similar together with proof of residence. This can be bank statements, utility bills (within the last 3 months), tax returns, or any government-issued proof of residence. You will also need to go through Face Verification. The platform states that verification takes about 20 minutes.

Please note that the citizens in sanctioned countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, and Macau are just some of the jurisdictions that are not able to use Bitget's services. Additional restricted regions may be listed on the sign-up page. 

Services Offered by Bitget Exchange

Now that you have an account set up, you might be curious about what is available to play around with in Bitget. Since this article is about getting set up, I won't be giving you the full schpiel of all the features. Instead, I will just give a summary of the services that are offered in Bitget as you can read more about them in our comprehensive Bitget review

Spot Trading - trade more than 500 pairs of crypto without leverage. Enough variety to feed your FOMO side and not worry about getting rekt. A good night's sleep is worth millions!

Futures Trading  - up to 125x leverage here for those who live for the thrill of the ride. Futures available to trade include USDT-M Futures, Coin-M Futures, and USDC Futures. You may lose more than what you put in with leverage, so please practice some prudence. 

Copy Trading - Copy someone's trades and ride their coattails to the moon or be the one who benefits other traders with your spectacular trading strategies. 

Bitget GroupCoin - Just like crowdsourcing to pool funds for bulk buy discounts, GroupCoin works in a similar fashion except that you don't know the others who are bulk-buying with you. GroupCoin allows users to pool funds together for an up to 50% discount when buying featured crypto assets.

Bitget groupcoin.jpg
A Look at Bitget's GroupCoin. Image via Bitget

Bitget Savings - A most low-tech option is to just deposit and earn interest. Not as exciting as the other services but you get peace of mind and a decent APY for funds that may otherwise just be collecting dust.

Launchpad - This is where you can scratch that VC itch buried deep inside by investing in the next 100x project here (if you can).  Note that this is also a high-risk move as the projects could easily fall flat and you could get rekt. 

Bitget Referral Program - Refer friends to Bitget and you can earn 10 USDT and 10 BGB for each successful sign-up.



Bitget is that scrappy start-up pitting itself against the major exchanges with a few tricks up its sleeves. Experienced users will have no problem navigating its interface to do what they want, within the offerings they have. New users get to dip their toes in gently with Savings and Earn programs, then gradually move on to spot trading for starters. 

At any time users are unsure or want to up their crypto knowledge, there is Bitget Academy ready to provide them with information and guides. Armchair traders can follow a few traders using copy trading and see how their fortunes fare under these traders' strategies. 

Bitget's security measures are adequate to protect your funds against malicious hacks. They also have Proof of Reserves to show that they take funds' safety seriously. With a Web3 wallet connection, you don't even need to fund your account with cash, thus eliminating one more step when trying to get started trading. 

And that wraps up this article on How to Get Started on Bitget, I hope you found it useful. Happy exploring and trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register with Bitget?

Bitget offers both webpage and mobile sign-up options. You can create an account using your own email and username, or use your Google / Apple ID or Telegram account to log-in on the webpage. There is also the option to connect via your MetaMask or BitKeep.

What is the Minimum Deposit on Bitget?

That depends on the asset you are depositing and the network you're using to make the transfer. The minimums are listed on the asset's deposit page. 

How Reliable is Bitget?

Bitget's security is fairly robust. Aside from the standard practice of using cold storage for customer funds, Bitget also partners with security firms like Qingsong and Suntwin for audits and security monitoring. Bitget has also published its Proof of Reserves and received a 9 out of 10 Trust Score on CoinGecko.

What is Better: Bybit or Bitget?

Bybit offers a better trading experience due to its deep liquidity and high-quality interface. Bitget is more secure and has a great auto trading feature. Feel free to decide based on your own needs and check out our Bybit vs Bitget Analysis for a deeper look.

Which is Better: Bitget or Binance?

Binance is the largest trading platform, with much more liquidity and features than Bitget. Still, it is facing quite a lot of regulatory pressure, making some users nervous and seeking alternatives like Bitget. Binance is for the masses; Bitget is for those looking to try something a bit different and provides a great alternative.

What Country is Bitget Exchange From?

Bitget's headquarters is in the Seychelles. 

Is Bitget Copy Trading Legit?

Yes, Bitget's copy-trading feature can definitely hold its own against, the top copy-trader in the scene. Its interface is fairly user-friendly and you can easily check out the stats of the traders available to be copied. The copy-trading platform on Bitget is also the fastest-growing in the industry.

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